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Google Apps FAQs

I can't log into my Fife Google Account. Help!

There could be a few reasons for this:
  • Use the correct login page: . A common mistake is to try and log into the personal gmail site rather than Fife's Google site. Enter just your username and not your entire email address on the login screen.
  • You can log into the generic gmail login page (the same one you might use for a personal gmail account) but you'll need to use your full Fife Google address (i.e.
  • Make sure an account has been set up for you. If you've never logged in before, you may need an account created. Contact Fife's tech department for help. You cannot create a Fife Google Apps account on your own.

Are we changing email systems?

At this time, staff will continue to use Outlook as our primary email with our main email addresses using . You can use your Fife Google account ( to communicate with other Google accounts but for most email communications, we will continue to use Outlook email.

Are there directions or manuals for how to use Google Apps?

The best online training resource we've found is the Google Apps Education Training Center.

I keep getting a security warning popup asking if I only want to display the secure content on a webpage. That's getting annoying.

This is because the pages may contain content that comes from a third-party source. This is typically not a true security problem but the popup does become a nuisance. Here are instructions on how to turn that warning off in your browser (Internet Explorer):