Fife Apps (Google)

Log into your Fife Google Apps account:


Does Gmail replace our Outlook email?
At this time, we are continuing to use Outlook email as our primary email. Our Fife Gmail accounts may be used for internal needs such as sharing documents or students sending email to staff.

Who has a Fife Apps account?
Most staff have an account and many secondary students have accounts. If you aren't sure if you have an account, contact us in the Technology Department.

Do I need to be in the district to use this?
No, you can log in from any computer such as a home computer. You can also access your account via a smart phone.

Do I need to install special software?
No. You just need an up-to-date web browser. Internet Explorer doesn't work with all features of Google Apps but works for most features.

I'm used to Office (Word, Excel, Outlook). Why would I use this?
- Access from anywhere.
- No need to purchase or install special software. You just a web browser.
- Easily share and collaborate around documents, sites, and calendars. No more emailing attachments or carrying things on thumb drives.

Resources and Training Materials
Google Sites Help (more advanced topics)