2021 GOLF Begins August 23rd!

August 17th, 2021:

Hi All and welcome to our new golf season! Practices begin on Monday, Aug 23rd (see New Calendar Below) at 3:30pm up at North Shore Golf Course. All practices prior to the start of school will begin at 3:30pm (we like starting as soon as possible, so 15 minutes early for attendance and check in) and end at 5:30ish pm.

Prior to our Day 1 practice each participant must be cleared by FHS. That means complete the online registration, FamilyID, purchase an ASB card, have a current physical, and pay all outstanding fines (FHS and/or CJH). If you are not cleared, you may not participate in practice/tryouts.

Below is our current calendar. I will be making edits as they happen. For example, we do not have an official match schedule or post season dates. For those that are new to golf, there are often changes to the schedule due to course conditions, maintenance, lack of participants from opposing teams. I update the below Calendar as needed and always communicate these changes with players.

Students/golfers are expected to be picked up at North Shore Golf Course following home matches and practices.

What to expect at golf practices - Coaches vary who is on the course and who is working in practice areas based on team and individual needs. Ideally, we hope to determine the Top 12 golfers that will be on the 2021 team at the end of Day 2 practice.

I hope all of you have worked on your game and are ready to make this Fall 2021 golf season another outstanding year!

-Coach Mark Jones

GOLF SHIRTS ORDER - the following link is to order golf shirts and other golf gear


There is a new athletic link for up-to-date schedule changes that was created last year for all sports: https://getemtrojans.com


FHS Golf Calendar 2021


OLD (Last year) NEWS: This will be updated as we get more questions answered.

ALL DRIVER'S - that drive to practice or matches or transport other players to practice or matches MUST fill out an Authorization for Use of Private Auto For Student Transportation form. - Coach Jones or Coach Clarke will deliver them to each driver. These must be turned into Coach Jones or Coach Clarke

Welcome to Fife Golf for the Fall of 2019. Below is our practice schedule and our 5th version of the match schedule - this is always subject to change due to course and opponent conflicts. When there is a change I make the necessary changes immediately and also let all players know prior. In addition to match changes, there may also be practice changes or cancelled practices due to lack of facilities. With 3 high schools sharing the facilities, and the golf course running their own tournaments, we have to be flexible with scheduling.

All golf matches start times are at 3:00pm unless otherwise listed.

Dates and times are subject to change due to course availability, maintenance and opposite school's golf team's constraints.

Students/golfers are expected to be picked up at North Shore Golf Course following home matches and practices.

Students/golfers are expected to be picked up at to the FHS Gym following away matches.