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In a shocking development, the sun rises on Sunday morning!

Fife fall to Arch Bishop Murphy 2-1 and the season comes to an end in the state quarter finals.

The Fife girls had a great season and did just about everything they could have done this year.  They won the division, the league and the District and brought home a bunch of new hardware for the trophy case.  This game was the quarter final match to earn the right to play in the final four.  Fife came out hard and really gave everything they could.  The 0-0 tie was broken on a corner kick that was headed back across the goal by Emily and chest trapped across the line by G-money.  The wind was in Fife's favor in the first half and they did everything they could to get more goals.  2 goals were called back on "off the ball" fouls and the girls hit the posts at least 2 times but could not get that 2nd goal.  Of course, the wind was still blowing in the second half and Arch Bishop got their tying goal at the 20 minute mark.  The wind aided Arch Bishop were not able to get a 2nd either and it looked like the game was going to overtime when Fife earned a Penalty Kick with 4 minutes left in the game.  Unfortunately, Fife could not convert on this potential game winner and they paid the price less than 1 minute later.  Fife drew a foul a minute later just 25 yards from goal and the Arch Bishop player chipped a beauty of a shot into the top left corner.  Sienna made a great effort and almost saved it but the ball was too perfect and that was the game.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda.   The great news is that the girls had a fantastic season and they have much to be proud of.  They surprised everyone and represented the school very well.  Great season girls.   Let do it again next year.

Fife Defeat Clarkston 2-0 in a tense, fast and physical battle of wills.

The Fife girls came up aces against Clarkston last night at FHS stadium winning by a nice neat score of 2-0.  The score makes the game sound like a walk in the park but it was anything but.  The first 20 minutes had a serious Clarkston flavor to it as they just out worked Fifes ability to control the ball under the pressure.  It required about 20 minutes of adjustments to be made for the team to get things back in Fife's advantage.  The next 10 minutes showed that Fife could deal with the pressure and do the things that were needed to control the tempo of the game.  The final 10 minutes of the half had the ball in the Clarkston end of the field with only an occasional long clearance.  G-money was taking a few wicked shots that challenged the keeper and put Clarkston on notice that Fife has some real firepower in attack.  The second half had about 3 minutes with Clarkston in control mostly due to some Fife struggles to control and pass the ball on the ground.   After that it was all Fife for the remaining 37 minutes.  Courtney broke the tie when she received the ball from Sierra and cut inside her outside back and cracked a hard low shot into the bottom left corner of the net from about 25 yards out.  It has been something that we have been waiting to see for 17 games.  She picked the right time to be perfect.  Courtney had a truly awesome game and really tore them apart with her dynamic runs and strong presence.    Fife continued to put Clarkston under pressure but could not get that final great control and shot - but it was getting closer.  It was obvious that Clarkston was out of ideas and was reduced to  flicking blind balls at the Fife defense.  Kya and Sienna were up to the task and Clarkston never had a real shot on goal in the final 40 minutes.  In an effort to keep up the pressure on the defense we subbed the forwards to give them rest and set up a chance for a strong attack when Clarkston pushed players too far forward in an effort to tie the score.  With 2 minutes left, G-money received a ball, turned her defender and slotted a beauty of a ball between the defenders to a hard running Special K (Maddie Kenney).  Special K took a quick touch and slotted a beauty of a left footed shot from about 16 yards out into the lower left corner and that was all this game had to show.  Sienna earned another shut out on a super solid performance.  A big hand has to go to Kya, Sam and Bec in the back.  They were on the spot individually constantly but somehow were able to cover for each other when things broke down.  So Fife now moves on to the quarter finals with the final other 7 teams left in the tournament.  Arch Bishop Murphy is next up at Home on Saturday at 1:00.  Players need to be there at 12:00.    Great performance girls.  Everyone is very proud of your heart, skill and effort.

Fife Defeat North Kitsap 1-0 to win the District Championship.

The Fife girls put together a terrific game against North Kitsap in the District Final.  It was a cold, wet, rainy night and the conditions did not favor a team that plays like Fife but there was enough control to control much of the game.  Coach Waldman was in charge of this game and she helped the girls keep a tight defense and good possession that allowed G-Money to score a cracker from distance that found the back of the net.  After that it was a back and forth battle but the 1-0 score held to the end and gave Fife its first District Championship in a pretty long time.  Sienna got another well earned shut out to send the Fife Trojans into the state tournament with a decent seed and a chance to make a dent in the competition.  Of course, all the easy game are over and from here on out it is just going to be one battle after another.  Let's see if the girls can add to their already impressive win total.

The SPSL 2A All-league Balloting is done and Fife gets a few awards.

The SPSL 2A coaches met last week and determined the awards based on the seasons competition.  Fife picked up a few awards:

Goalkeeper of the year:  Sienna Camp (Senior)

Defensive Player of the year:  Kya Scott (Freshman)

1st Team Defender: Brooke Taylor (Senior)

1st Team Midfield: Sierra Mercardo (Senior)

1st Team Forward: Emily Rorher

2nd Team Defender:  Sam Steffenson

2nd Team Midfield: Avery Newberry

2nd Team Forward:  Taylor Goodpaster.

Congratulations to these girls and ALL the Fife Girl Soccer players.  No single player wins an award without a great team around them to make it possible.

Fife defeat Port Angeles 4-0.  

The story line is pretty simple on this one.  Although Fife had no real speed of play for most of the game, it appeared to be enough to force Port Angeles into continual loss of possession.  G-money came to play and made the Port Angeles defense pay.  The first goal was a left footed rocket on a dropping ball on a long throw over the defense to a breaking G-money.  Buried it into the far post.  This was the real deal.  Next was a ball that Fife had trouble getting on target but it dropped in G-money's space and she ripped a shot, again a left footed 18 yarder, over the keeper and into the far post netting.  The play by Fife may not have been stellar but the finishing sure looked sweet.  Fife struggled to hit the target most of the game but these two were awesome.  With just a minute left in the first half, Fife built out of the back with a ball from Jordan to  Brooke and then a thru ball splitting defenders to a racing Sierra.   This looked like a fast break in a pro basketball game and there were a lot of options.   Sierra had the ball in stride and struck on the run and it was a high hard ball that the keeper could not handle and into the net it squirted.   3-0 at the half.  The 2nd half showed PA up against the ropes with only a few weak adventures into the Fife half.  Sienna never really had a shot to deal with.  Although Fife had complete control of the game and 90% of the possession, things rarely clicked until the last 10 minutes when the game started to speed up and resemble what the girls have been doing all season.  The fourth goal was a terrific bit of passing that used lots of the final third and some good 1st time passing.  A ball crossed from Jordan found Sierra 25 yards out.  Sierra knocked in a beauty of a ball into feet that was barely blocked and rolled around the top of the area.  Ella was the girl on the spot and she perfectly stroked the ball from 18 into the corner of the goal past the keeper.  It was all  super quick and really just another moment that demonstrates what Fife can do when they put things together.  The last minutes saw some of the best play from Fife when they strung together 6 one touch passes that ended with Emily 1 v 1 with the keeper.   The shot that went a little wide but it was worth the money people paid to get into the game. Although the gilrs may need to play a little crisper, they did enough to win and allowed a few of our younger girls to get a chance to prove they can play.  Next up is North Kitsap on Saturday at FP Stadium at 4:00 for the District Championship.  Good luck girls and play well.

Fife defeat Orting 2-0 in Cross league seating game.  I guess this means Fife had the most awesome season of all the SPSL 2A teams.

Fife traveled to Orting for a cross-league seating game used to determine District play-offs.  The game looked a lot like most of the games this year with Fife applying relentless pressure and the opposition defending tough in hopes of a miraculous counterattack.  Not so much tonight.  Emily scored the first goal on a rebound off a G-money shot.  The insurance goal was also from Emily on a rebound off a shot by Mitchell.  In between Fife had 2 or 3 goals called back and had a lot of chances to make this score look much worse.  The Fife defense was fabulous this game and Sam, Jordan, Becka and Kya were tremendous.  Kya is going to get a lot of credit but the girls in front of her were super tough.  But the game is the game and 2-0 was good enough.  Sienna got the shut out for her 11th of the season.  Both teams move on the the district playoff where Fife will be tested once again to see if they are worthy of going to the state playoffs.  Sport appears to be an endless effort to climb a mountain of competition.  Oh well, it beats sitting home and binge watching the Walking Dead.

Fife defeat Foster 8-0 on Senior night.  Every single senior scores and are heros for 24 hours.
The Fife senior girls ended their career of home games in style by defeating Foster and scoring a goal each as the cherry on top of their soccer sundae.  Even Sienna got a goal to go along with her 10th shut out of the season.  The goals were scored by Courtney, Bella, Avery, Sam, Brooke, Hanna, Sierra and Sienna. Bella picked up 5 assists in the game and Emily, G money each added another.  There were a few auxiliary goals scored by Bella, Avery and Cassidy Long that will be added to the player goal/assist totals but not added to the official score.  The assists on those went to Sierra and Courtney.

Fife defeat Evergreen 8-0 and the next big thing is Senior night on Monday, Oct 24th at 7:00.

Evergreen made the long drive down to Fife with only eleven girls but they gave a great effort and never stopped trying.  Obviously, the game was a little lopsided in the scoring department but there was still enough quality soccer on display if you focused on ball movement and flow.  There was a lot of positional movement of players so we got to see the ladies playing in different areas of the field.  Emily picked up 2 more goals and Taylor K, Mitchell, G-Money, Ella, Jordan and Maddie K (who will be called Special K. from now on) added one goal each.  The Assists went to Hanna, Sierra, G-Money, Sam, Emily, Special K. and Kayleigh.  Sienna got her 9th shut out but did not have to make any saves.  The last game of the league season is on Monday and this is Senior night.  Come out and see the seniors:  Sierra, Hanna, Courtney, Broke, Sienna, Sam and Avery play their final home game.  Great job.  Lets keep the train a'rollin.

Fife drop a close one at White River but continue to improve.

When the top two teams meet in an end-of-the-year contest, you know it will be a good, hard fought close game.   This one was a bit of a rematch from the early season 2-1 win for Fife on our home turf.  It was Senior night at WR and they came out fired up and really put the pressure on.  Sienna made some nice saves but WR finally broke through on a long cross, control and finish on a hard shot into the corner.  Fife did not give up and as is the case with good teams, they fought back and tied the score about 10 minutes later on a terrific volley from Sierra on a ball that bounced out to her at the top of the Penalty Area.  Unfortunately, WR broke the tie only a few minutes later on a bit of a let down by Fife as they felt the momentum was in their favor.  2-1 at the half.  The second half was really the game everyone expected with each team getting close chances but great defending was the order of the day.  Fife threw everything forward for the last 10 minutes in an effort to tie the game and hard some very, very close chances.  But in the end of a (Mc)flurry of activity, Fife could not find the tying goal and WR handed Fife their first defeat of the season.  This was a great game and both teams walked away with their heads held high.   However, even with the loss, Fife still hold the season in their hands.  They will need to Win-out the last two games but if they can do this, they will win the league title and go into the district playoff with a #1 seed.  Lets see what happens next!!

Fife defeat FP in a must win game and that is what they did 3-0.

This is what Brooke looks like when she runs.  (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

The Fife girls put together a very strong performance last night in front of the home crowd to defeat FP 3-0.  I hate to say it, but it was not a very close game.  FP appeared to be short quite a few girls and had only 14 girls available.   All of their defenders must have been there because the were able to hold off the Fife attack for 39 minutes until Avery served a thru ball to Emily.  Emily was as cool as a cucumber and knocked home a nice side footer over the keeper and into the net to make the score 1-0 at the half.  The second half continued to show Fife relentlessly press the FP defense with great chance after great chance.  I don't know how they held out to be honest.  The 2nd goal finally came when  Courtney destroyed her defender and passed a ball right in front of the goal for a nice side foot tap in from about 3 feet by Emily.  2-0 Fife.  There were literally 10 great chances to score from this point on and everyone had a chance to add to the total (even Brooke).  The last goal was on a great pass from Taylor Kenney to Emily for a quick cross onto a perfectly positioned Mitchell.  She knocked the ball down, looked the helpless keeper in the eye and thumped the ball into the back of the net from 6 yards out.  Very good composure.  The midfield and defense were fantastic and Brooke, Sam and Kya were just way to much for the limited opportunities that FP could muster.  All midfielders worked their butts off and never allowed FP a sniff of a chance on goal.  Last, Sienna earned her 7th shut-out and although she did not get many touches, she controlled the area and made it all look easy for the Fife defense.

In other news, the Fife JV won their game 9-0 with lots of goals from a bunch of players.  Katie King got the shut out.  I hope to get the list from coach Waldman tomorrow.

Next up is the big White River rematch.  It will be a good one, but probably won't be enough to effect Fifes very good chance of earning the first seed in the district tournament. Great game everyone.

Fife defeat Lindbergh 5-2.  Didn't we just do this ride a few weeks ago?

Bella is prepared to do something amazing.  
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

The Fife girls traveled up to Renton Memorial Field to play Lindbergh last night.  The final score was 5-2 but it sure felt like a replay of the first meeting between these two teams.  If there was any difference it was that the Fife girls worked hard for the little bit of breathing room at the end.  The game started exactly like the first meeting with Lindbergh winning a midfield ball and a single player attacking the defense and then shooting a rocket at the first sniff of the goal.    Great run, great shot and  0-1 in Lindbergh favor at the 3 minute mark.  The good news is that Fife just went back to their business and were able to tie the score on Taylor M's (to be know as Mitchell from here on out) first goal on a play off an Emily/Bella pass.  The next goal was a cracker from G-Money on a pass by Mitchell from about 20 yards out.  it was a rocket.   2-1 at the half.  Fife really started to ratchet up the pressure on the ball and things started to fall their way.  Mitchell added the third goal on an assist from G-Money on a finish on a lose ball around the goal.  There were a lot of corners and shots and several really close efforts.  Bella received a pass from Avery and scooted past the outside defender and put a shot into the far corner just over the keepers fingers for the 4th goal of the night.  Of course, Lindbergh got down into the attack and caught themselves a penalty that they buried to tighten the score to 4-2.  But Mitchell chested the ball past the keeper for her 3rd goal of the night on another terrific run and serve from Bella to put the game away.  The score did not really represent the pressure that Fife put on the Lindbergh goal but it was enough to illuminate the standings of both teams.  The defense actually played very well, it is just that Lindbergh seems to be built to take advantage of Fife's structure.  The JV game was canceled because Lindbergh lost so many players to injuries. Next up - Varsity and JV vs Franklin Pierce at home on Thursday.

Fife defeat Washington 9-0.  Lots of good goals, passing and stuff.

Kya does score against Washington on a cracker of a shot. 
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

This was kind of a weird game.  Washington worked really, really hard and earned some well deserved opportunities to score a goal or two, but Fife is just too skilled, quick and smart at times.  There are moments during the game when Fife made some poor runs or decisions but when they do everything right, well, it just looks effortless.  With the exception of a single GK error, 8 of the the Fife goals were really well taken.  The movement is quick and smooth and when you stick a nice finish on the end of a series of passes, it all looks so inevitable.  Taylor M. got a wonderful first goal on sweet cross from Bella.  A minute later Emily received another lay back from Bella and rocked her 1st goal into the near post top corner on a 20 yard shot.  Sierra made a terrific run behind the Washington Defense and took a perfect pass from G Money to cut inside and bury her shot into the bottom left corner from about 12 yards out.  Emily scored a nearly identical goal as Sierra on another good G-Money pass and whipped her shot into the corner.  Last up was a strong shot from Taylor K. off a nice inlet pass from Courtney.  5-0 at the half.  There were even more chances to score and the ball was pounded off the post or crossbar at least 3 other times.  Every goal was wonderful and, like I mentioned earlier, there was an air of inevitability as they developed.  Second half saw Emily pick up her hat trick on a bit of a keeper error.  Another assist from G-Money.  Kya went forward at some point in this game and had a lazer beam of a shot off a nice Taylor M. pass in front of the goal.  Courtney added her goal when Emily made a long flat cross along the top of the box to the right.  An onrunning Courtney slotted her shot into the corner for a beautiful, clean stroke.  It was really moving for a side of the foot strike.  Last up was a long shot from Bear (Elizabeth) from outside the area over the keepers head into the top for post.  It was a nice strike.  There was a lot of good play from players who did not score or assist.  Avery and Brooke played exceptionally well and Sam, Beck, Jordan, Han., were spot on.  Sienna got her 6th shut out and  had to make some good saves in this one.  Washington never gave up and it was nice to see some pressure put on the girls if they held the ball too long.  Anyway, Foss is up next.  Good game girls.

Fife defeat Foster 9-0.   Maddie Simmons plays like her hair is on fire (it's really, really red).

Brooke looks forward to seeing lots of goals against Foster.
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland) 

The varsity traveled to Foster's stadium for the last game of the the first half of the season.   There were lots of goals.  G-Money opened the scoring off a corner from Avery.  Next Avery notched one off an assist by Sam.  Taylor Mitchell stole the ball from the defense to score an un-assisted goal.  Sierra also picked up a lose ball around the box and buried a 12 yard shot.  The last goal of the half was a cracker from Brooke on an assist from G-Money.  That was it for the 1st half.  It was in the second half that we unleashed Maddie on an unsuspecting Foster defense.  Maddie scored her first on a corner kick from Avery and then followed it up with a rip into the far post on a blistering diagonal run across the top of the penalty area.  Not to be outdone, Kya staggered around the midfield in the closing minutes and it appears a ball was kicked off her shin to score her first goal of the season.  With seconds remaining, Kya attempt to leap out of the way of another clearance but was struck hard enough that the ball deflected into the goal past the stunned keeper.  Kya needed to be removed but is uninjured and ready to play in the next game.  There was no JV game this week.  Next up is Washington AT FP stadium.  The bus leaves Fife at 3:40.

Fife defeat Evergreen 8-0 in an early afternoon kickoff.

Sam Fights for the ball.  
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

The Fife varsity traveled up to River Ridge to play an early afternoon game against Evergreen as the season nears it's mid point.  The game was rather one sided but the weather was nice.  Goals were scored by"  G Money- 2, Emily, Taylor M. Sam, Avery, Sierra and Bita with 1 goal apiece.  The assits went to Bella, G-Money, Emily, Kya and Sierra.  Evergreen did not have a JV team so the Fife girls went to FP for another battle.  I will add the score when I get the score.  Next up is Foster away.  There will not be a JV game for that one.

Fife defeat White River 2-1.  Everyone wants a tough game until you have to play one.

This is what it looks like when Emily scores a goal.  
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

The Fife varsity girls soccer team went head to head with the pre-season league favorite and came out on top after a grueling 80 minute contest of nerves.  Both teams were loaded with talent and it could have gone either way .... but as always, it came down to a few spectacular performances by the individuals on the field.  First up was incredible Kya in the back.  Simply put:  I got no words.  Next - Brooke seemed to always be right there to support everyone and anyone in any type of distress.    Sam and Bec were strong throughout the game and only started to show wear and tear in the final  minutes of the game.  The central Midfield of Sierra, Avery and Taylor worked hard and really had their hands full.  A lot depended on them and they came through.  The outsides of Hanna, Bella, Taylor and Courtney did enough to force the game inside into the core of the Fife defense.  Last, Emily and G money were once again fabulous.  They work so well together and, has been the case all season, each girl got a goal.  Both on longish shots from outside the area.    It is nice to see them look at those distance shots.  Sienna was spot-on this game with good safe hands and good positioning.  The score was 2-0 until the final minute of extra time.  WR finally broke the Fife defense in the 81st minute.  But this was truly too little too late.  All it took was a long chip into the corner on the kick off and the game was over.    So what does this victory mean?  It means Fife has bought itself a little breathing room going into the second half of the season.   But it is just another game in a season of games.  Next up is an away contest against Evergreen.  Can the girls keep their focus  for another week?  Check in next Tuesday night.  Meanwhile the JV did their usual great job by beating WR 3-0.  2 Goals went to Maddie and 1 goal to Bear.  Faith played goal and was perfect in her shut out.  Ms. Waldman has done a great job with those  girls and they look terrific.

Fife defeat Franklin Pierce 2-0.

Jordan Carries the ball forward. 
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

The Fife girls traveled to FP stadium last Tuesday for the first of  this seasons two games against FP.  It was a good game from both teams with lots of running, passing and control.  The first goal was scored by Emily late in the first half when Hanna threw a ball in and the defender misplayed it to Emily.  Emily cut inside and chipped the tall keeper and the ball found the back of the net after going off the finger tips.   Although FP did hit the crossbar on a 35 yard cross, the truth is that Fife controlled much of the game.  The second half was the same as the first with Fife getting a lot of chances to up the score.  The second goal came on a nice run and pass by Bella to G money.  Money girl slotted the ball into the corner and although 2-0 is supposed to be the toughest score to maintain, Fife never gave FP a peep at goal and had lots of chances to do more damage.  Sienna picked up her 3rd shut out and had great hands in this game.  She was very solid on the few chances that FP directed towards goal.  In the end, the 2-0 score held up and was a pretty good representation of the prior 80 minutes.  Nice job girls.  The JV put together another nice game and scored lots of goals against the FP JV.  I know Maddie got 3 and I think EP and Bear  scored 2 each.  I may have missed a goal scorer but will add them when I get some up-dated information.  The shut out went to Kayliegh and Grace.   Next game for both teams is at home vs White River on Thursday .  

Fife defeat Lindbergh 3-2.

G-Money races into the attack. 
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

The forwards worked incredibly hard and with some help from the mid-field turned that hard work in to a few goals.  There were many other missed opportunities but it was enough to lead the girls to their 4th victory of the season.  Taylor got 1 and Emily picked up 2 and they each added assists along with their goals.    The level of intensity was probably 10 times greater than any of the other games so far.  Like everything, dealing with pressure and intensity is a learned skill.  I have no doubt that our girls will use this as a learning situation and it will come in handy when they move thru the season and face even tougher competition.  Of course, it is always better to hold out and survive to play another day.    The girls did what they needed tonight.  There was some good stuff  and once we become more consistent... look out SPSL.

Fife defeat Foss 8-0.  It was not as much fun as you would think.

Taylor Kenney blasts a shot toward the goal. 
 (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

Fife traveled to Mt. Tahoma to play a short sided Foss team.  Both teams began the game with 10 players.  By the half Foss was down to 9 girls due to an injury.  The Fife girls tried to keep it interesting but it was just one of those nights when the game just gets played.  The good news is that there were 8 different goal scorers.  G money, Jordan, Bella, Sam, Sierra, Becca, Brooke and Hanna all scored.  Assists were G money (2), Hanna (2), Courtney, Avery and Sierra.  Sienna got another shut out.  There  really is not much to say about this one.  Fife play Lindbergh on Thursday at home.

Fife defeat Washington 8-0.  It was more fun than it sounds.

Emily attacks once again. (Photo by Alan Mcfarland)

Washington came to Fife Stadium last night and ran into a bit of a buzz saw.  Although they were fast and never gave up, the speed of play by Fife may have been too much for an early season game.  Fife completely dominated play and the ball was always in the attacking half of the field.  Lets see, Taylor G. scored a hat-trick, Maddie K. also got 2 more goals, Courtney, Bella and Taylor M. also picked up goals.  I have my assists on another piece of paper and will add those later today.  Generally, Fife is working on stuff and the girls seem to be getting the hang of it.  Brook, Kya, Sam, Hanna, Bec and Jordan played great in the back,  Avery, Brooke, Sirra, Jordan, Courtney and Bella were great in the midfield.  How did the forwards play?  Well, we scored lots of goals and there were some very good bits of business around the goal.  The Taylors scored and Emily was a great target and picked up some assists.   Sienna had no shots to block but got a few touches thanks to Kya.  Fife did what they were supposed to do in a very fun and entertaining fashion.  The assists were like this: Sierra (2), G money (2), Courtney (2), Emily, Bella. I feel like I got my money's worth.

Fife Defeat Wilson  4-1 in a barnburner of a first game of the new season.
Photo by: Alan Mcfarland

Courtney looks forward to pass but instead sees the future in which she gets 2 assists and Fife win 4-1.

The Fife varsity defeated Wilson in an interesting first game last night at FHS stadium.  Wilson has a terrific midfield and for the first 15 minutes owned the game and the ball.  They scored on a curling corner kick at the 8 minute mark that went directly into the goal and was quite a nice strike.  Fife was not playing poorly, but there was no question that they were playing slowly.  Every player seemed to need 3 touches before passing and this allowed the Wilson team to read the slowly developing tactics.  However, over the course of the second half, Fife started to take better care of the ball and eventually had Wilson on the chase.  Brooke must be given credit for solidifying the midfield and creating connections that were needed.  In the back, Kia was rock solid and once Bec and Sam pushed forward the game rarely left the Wilson half - but it was 0-1 at the half.  The thing that was missing was speed of play/movement between the mids and forwards.  This all changed in the second half when there was a noticeable change of pace as Fife mashed down on the gas pedal.  Suddenly, quick penetrating passes were in the area and forwards were getting the ball in one v one situation with space.  Madison Keeney had the power, quickness and skill to turn and find 2 goals in about 10 minutes on assists from Avery and Courtney.  Emily scored a header on a terrific corner from Courtney.   Taylor Goodpastor out-worked her defender to  finish a nice thru ball from a dribbling Bella.  Sienna made a fine saves in Goal to shut down the few decent chances that Wilson could muster.  Wilson is NOT a bad team.  They are going to win a lot of games, but there was no question that when Fife finds their "Mojo", they will be a tough team to defeat.  Great win girls.  Next up is Washington on Thursday for the season opener.

The JV team won their game won 6-0.  The shut out went to Kayleigh and Maddie Simmons.  Elizabeth James, Madison Kenney (yes, that same Madison) and Ella Pierson all scored a pair of goals.

If anyone wants to email  the coaches - try this email address:

rwaldman@fifeschools.com - JV
swaters@fifeschools.com - 9th/C Team

The varsity coach can handle many questions but you may want to contact your coach directly about things like practice times, uniforms, bus rides, etc.

You can also go to:


for schedules.  This site is the official league site and is the first one that is updated.

When does everything start?  It has started already.


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  • Here is how to find our 2015 SPSL League Schedule!! Go to this website location for the latest schedule updates:     http://www.spslathletics.com/index.php?league=18&page_name=game_schedule&school=169&sport=11
    Posted May 13, 2015, 10:30 AM by Anthony Crudo
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