Goals and Grading Policies

Fife High School General Music Department Goals:

  • To develop the skills necessary to be a life-long musician
  • To develop the life-long skills of teamwork and responsibility
  •  To discover high quality music from many different cultures and time periods
  • To meet, work with, and form lasting relationships with other music members
  • To perform with pride for your school and community
  • To learn to sing and play in ensembles
  • To learn to read music
  • To learn the basics of genres and styles
  • To develop self-discipline, concentration, and cooperation
  • To have opportunities to perform in group performances, concerts, community events, large group contests, and school performances
 Fife High School General Music Grading Policy:
  • Daily participation in class, demonstrating the rehearsal skills necessary to become a successful musician and being prepared for class.
  • Attendance at required performances and practices. Unexcused absences are not acceptable. Written permission must be received from parents/guardians no later than 24 hours prior to the event, and the Music Director must agree the absence is warranted. Failure to meet these requirements may result in a loss of up to two grades (i.e. A to C) and possible removal from the music group.
    • If students are late to Department agreed upon warm-up times before concerts/performances, they may lose the privilege to perform. This in turn will affect their grade.
  • Oral and written assessments of individual singing/playing and music reading skills. This is done by observing one's group work and sight-reading in class.