Student Exit Entry Plan

Hello Endeavour families,

 As you know, we are always looking for ways to make Endeavour a great place for your student to learn, as well as work with you in the interest of your son/daughter. 

 We understand the parent pick-up line before and after school often became quite long and at times frustrating.  We have worked with the City of Milton, parent input, as well as our fantastic transportation department on this topic and believe we have come up with a solution.  We have decided to move the parent pick up to the parking lot along Oak St. where the buses, in the past, have been loaded/unloaded.  This will allow parking in the lot as well as multiple street outlets for cars to exit.  This also comes with the added bonus of allowing the bus riders to go directly to their buses (at the front of the school) without having to ever cross in front of another bus.  Finally, it is a shorter connection for those of you stopping at Discovery Primary to pick up siblings.

 This system is not without its caveats.  Anyone parked in the “visitor” parking at the front of the school (on 17th ave.) will be not be able to exit until after the buses disembark.   Moreover, 17th ave. will be inaccessible to traffic for the short time the buses are loading and unloading.  (approx. 3:30-3:50)

 We feel this will ensure the safety and help smooth your experience at parent pick-up.


Thank you and should you have any questions feel free to call ((253) 517-1400)  or email