Peer Mediators


      What are Peer Mediators?

    « Peer Mediators are trained conflict managers that help students (grades 2 & 3) work to resolve conflicts that happen during recess.
    « As trained “peace-keepers”, Peer Mediators create a safe environment where students involved in minor conflicts can talk-out the
                 problem and resolve it peacefully to keep it from escalating into a more serious conflict.
    « Peer Mediators help students learn alternative ways to solve problems without using  aggression or violence.
      How does peer mediation work?
    « Peer Mediators are assigned to 2nd and 3rd grade lunch recess. When a conflict occurs, Peer Mediators approach the students
                 involved (called “disputants”) and use structured mediation techniques to help the students reach an agreement.
    « Peer Mediators do not place judgment or blame, take sides, or force the disputants to reach  an agreement. Instead, they work
                 towards finding a win-win resolution so that both sides can feel empowered.
      What are the benefits of being a Peer Mediator?

    « During a two-day conflict management training held during school, students learn:

«   Active and reflective listening

«  Communication skills

«  Problem solving strategies

«  Mediation techniques

      Peer Mediators often exhibit increased self-control, self-confidence, and problem solving skills which they use not only at school
      but at home and with their friends outside of school.


How can I become a Peer Mediator?

    «To become a Peer Mediator, students (4th and 5th grader's only) must complete an application and have it signed by a parent or guardian.
                They must also get recommendations from two teachers.


Download and complete the application below and return it to Mrs. Holmes by September 23, 2011.



Deana Holmes,
Sep 16, 2011, 4:05 PM