Welcome to the Counseling Office!

Growing Great Character Elementary School Counseling
Jesse Smith
               School Counselor              
Phone: 253-517-1400
Fax: 253-517-1405

Hello and welcome to the Counseling Office! As your School Counselor, my goal is to support and encourage all Endeavour students to reach their full academic potential by reducing barriers and addressing social-emotional needs. A comprehensive school counseling program has been developed that focuses on prevention, intervention, early identification, parent education and family support. 

Please contact the Counseling Office if you have concerns about:
  • Classroom performance - preferably after you speak with the teacher
  • Behavior - especially sudden changes in your child's behavior and/or mood
  • Family changes - moving, death in the family, divorce/separation, deployment, etc.
  • Social concerns - conflict with peers, peer pressure, bullying, etc.
Here are some of the many services provided through the Counseling Office: