Working on the Work at Discovery
 Learning Improvement  Team
The Learning Improvement Team  (ILT) is an open forum with consistent representatives. The ILT meets the first Monday of every month at 3:45 to 5:00 in the Conference Room. With the School Improvement Plan as their guide, the team discuss and work on school issues that involve student learning. The purpose of this team is communication and planning.  We generate ideas for ways to lead by listening to the pulse of the school.  We represent a group of the school and present their ideas.  We guide the work from the School Improvement Plan and follow through with the plan.  Our work is to facilitate communication, provide decision making with input from teachers and parents, and to guide school improvement.

Team Members 2018 - 2019
Julie Bartlett   Principal
Mary McLaughlin Assistant Principal, PBIS 
Alana MorenoPara-educators Rep 
Tim Bayliss Specialists Rep, events 
Molly HumphreysKindergarten Rep 
Kirsten FrazierKindergarten Rep  
Marci JohnsonFirst Grade Rep  
Bonita Cheshier First Grade Rep   
Laura SullivanEarly Childhood Rep

Parent Rep