Credit Recovery

Options @ CJH

The only students affected by this policy are 9th grade students in year long, required courses, that earned a grade of ‘F’ in the 1st semester.

  • The courses include 9th grade Language Arts, 9th grade Honors Language Arts, Physical Science, Honors Physical Science, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Basic English, and Basic Math.
  • At the end of the 2nd semester, teachers will take note of which students failed 1st semester AND when combining 1st and 2nd semester, achieved an Overall grade that is passing. Teachers will submit a ‘9th Grade Credit Retrieval Form’ for each of these students. Our Counseling Department staff will update each student’s grade in the corresponding class, 1st semester, to reflect a ‘P’ grade. A ‘P’ grade will generate a .5 credit for the 1st semester, allowing the student to earn a full credit for the year.
  • Each student’s 2nd semester grade will be exactly what he/she has earned in the 2nd semester.

Attend Summer School (Contact locations directly for more information)

  • Pierce County Skills Center offers summer school classes at Fife High School (and other locations). For more information visit their website or call 253-683-5950.
  • Federal Way Internet Academy offers summer courses. Visit their website for more information or call 253-945-2230.
  • Many of the larger, local school districts offer summer school programs that Fife students are welcome to attend. Costs vary.
  • Local community colleges offer high school completion classes. Check with Pierce College-Puyallup, Highline or Green River. Costs vary.