Veterans Day Poetry-2014

A constellation of red white and blue flying high as a symbol to our nation
But rarely do we stop to think of the true meaning
We don’t consider the sacrifices of the men and women that fight for our freedom
Or the lives lost and futures destroyed of those who die fighting
The ones who fight for the people they love as well as those they do not know

For my father, grandfather, and uncle I never truly thank you for your heroism
I know I can never understand how truly lucky I am unlike so many others who have lost those
they love in battle
You may think your sacrifice has gone unnoticed but I can promise that today I recognize all that
you have done for your family as well as your country

And to all of the warriors who fought for our freedom, fight today, or diet trying
Thank you
Because America cannot be the land of the free, without being the home of the brave

-Addie Thompson, 2014, 8th grade


It’s something a teacher can’t teach
It’s something a preacher can’t preach
Bravery, will, dedication, and the ability to sacrifice
A hero has all of the qualities

Being a hero is something that is earned
Being a hero is something that is honored
Sometimes we forget what a hero really is…

Not Batman, Superman, Iron Man, or Spiderman
A hero doesn’t need a fancy belt or the power of flight
All a hero needs is the power to fight

That’s what you have done
Without you there would be no me
Without you there would be no us

You’re the red, white, and blue
You’re nothing I can read out of a comic book
You’re nothing I can see at a movie theater

But you are something I can honor
You are a hero

-Anaiis Dunbar, 2014, 8th grade

One White Cross

One white cross
Amongst a million
One lost soldier
Amongst a million

No matter in the neatly trimmed grass of our capital
Or the bloody fields of Vietnam

His legacy will never be forgotten

Even when the white cross becomes worn
Even when the flowers die
Even when no one visits his grave anymore
Even when that war he fought in is only history

His legacy and the legacies of millions of others will never be forgotten

Because they fought for more than just our country
They fought for our country and all it believes in

So that one white cross
No matter how long it stands
Or how worn it becomes
Shall stand for the things the soldier below it fought for

For his freedom, his family, his country, his life

And that one white cross
And that one lost solider
And the millions of others like him
Though they themselves may be forgotten in the end

Their legacy will never be forgotten

-Annika Johnson, 2014, 9th grade






We Are Heroes

Man has served for generations, not for the money or
the uniform,
but with knowing that he protects something sacred; his home
Boys to men when we enter
Blind courage coursing through our veins
we travel from sea to sea
ready to be a hero, come home to tell the tale
we arrive , it hits us with an overwhelming sensation-
fear that some of us might not make it home
Yes, some of us fall but we understand
that not all of us are meant to walk the right rope
this is what we must believe, to have strength to keep our brother moving
Even if we don’t know why
an Act of Valor that calls for soldiers its requirement,
small, protect and serve for those who cannot themselves
I stand hand in hand with those who understand
What it means to be a hero

-Jose Ramirez, 2014, 9th grade