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This website is devoted to the Fishes of the Chicago Region. Please see below for the various projects I am involved with.
Chicago Lakefront Fishes



From the dark depths of Lake Michigan to the mouth of the Chicago River, over 70 species of fishes make their home. Some are so common that anyone fishing Chicago’s lakefront would recognize them. Others are so rare that few people have encountered them alive in Chicago. And many others are overlooked despite their importance to Lake Michigan’s ecology.



Pumpkinseed – Lepomis gibbosus


This pocket field guide covers 30 representative fish species that live along Chicago’s lakefront. There is an image (or two) of each species as well as interesting facts and key features to help identify them. The indicated lengths are near maximum for each species within the Great Lakes. Most individuals are smaller than the length that is given.



Round Goby – Neogobius melanostomus


Please enjoy using this field guide to learn more about our Lake Michigan neighbors living beneath the waves along Chicago’s lakefront.


The above low-resolution images above are primarily to show you what the field guide looks like. Please go to the bottom of this webpage to download (for free!) a higher resolution PDF version of this field guide that looks much nicer.

If you work for an educational institution, nature center, outdoor group, fishing organization, etc. and would like printed copies of the brochure to distribute for free, then please contact me at  pwillink@fieldmuseum.org

I do not have a budget for shipping, but we can figure out a way to get the brochures to you. There are currently enough in stock to be able to give away up to several hundred brochures at a time (or fewer if you do not want that many).


I would like to thank Alan Resetar and Marty Pryzdia for helping distribute these brochures to various nature centers and bait shops in the area.

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