Protect, nourish, enjoy:  Co-curation & world heritage management

Extract from introductory remarks by John Edward Terrell, Regenstein Curator of Pacific Anthropology, for a meeting on January 9, 2013 with Dr. Richard Lariviere and Filipino-Americans in Chicago to discuss co-curation of the Philippine Anthropology Collection.

The concept of co-curation that we are pioneering here at the museum is based on two traditional New Zealand Maori ideas, or concepts:

  • taonga tuku iho (heritage treasures)
  • kai tiaki (stewardship)

While Chicago does not have a large resident Maori community, the museum cares for thousands upon thousands of heritage collections from places around the world that are today well represented here in the city by large and active communities. 

One such heritage collection comes from the Philippines. We are now working with Filipino-Americans in Chicago as well as others overseas in the Philippines to share more broadly responsibility (and financial support) for the care, use, interpretation, etc. of this wonderful collection. 

Thursday, March 7 2013 @ Noon, BioSync Large Conference Room

Science and Education Interchange Series: “The Co-curation of Collections with Chicago and Overseas Communities” Presentation and Discussion led by John Terrell, Chris Philipp, and Jamie Kelly