FMNH-AAUP general membership meeting

posted Oct 6, 2009, 9:43 AM by Margaret Thayer   [ updated Oct 16, 2009, 8:14 PM ]
The FMNH-AAUP chapter Executive Committee is planning a general meeting for Thursday Nov 19 (note change from original date) at 2 PM in the Zoology Classroom. 

The following items are suggested for discussion on the agenda, and we invite you to send additional items to chapter secretary Margaret Thayer <> for inclusion.
  • Role of AAUP in academic freedom and governance advocacy in the institution
  • Salary survey of curatorial ranks with SAC collaboration
  • Expansion of the membership to academics in non-curatorial ranks
  • Enlisting the membership in advocacy roles
  • Interface with C&R Strategic Plan - AAUP's role
  • Promoting visibility of AAUP-FMNH
  • Enhancing educational relationships with partner universities and   within the museum
We look forward to AAUP's becoming an open forum for discussion and a clearinghouse for concerns.  Please plan to attend and help make AAUP an effective advocate for academic freedom and governance by tuning its interfaces with existing offices and organizations within
the institution. 

Please come and share your thoughts on chapter goals and plans.