~ from field to table in 125 miles or less ~
Field to Table is an Arlington-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to building communities throughout Northern Virginia through the encouragement of healthy eating. The organization is part of the nationwide “locavore” movement, which encourages people to reestablish their relationship with the land and purchase from local farmers and food preparers. The emphasis is on nutrition, taste, quality and freshness in what we buy, not on the misguided values of mass production, long shelf life, and long-distance transportation that drive so much of what is sold as food in the United States. We strive to bring residents a convenient, varied blend of local producers of fruits and vegetables, baked goods, dairy products, flowers, and specialty foods that focus on improving the nutritional experience and overall health of the community.

If you are interested in establishing a farmers market in your community, Field to Table is pleased to work with you.
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