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Day 4 - September 21, 2010

posted Sep 27, 2010, 11:43 AM by Mike Ficzere

Septermber 21 - Chelsea Area Walking Tour.


Well today we started out the day by taking the subway to the Chelsea area.  This is a  area I was looking forward to.  You will find out later why.  The walking tour we did here was something from a tour book Wendy brought with her. 

We started our tour in Madison Square Park.  I am so amazed how many parks and green space a city like New York actually has.  At times you really feel like you are in a concrete jungle and then you come across a beautiful park full of large trees and green grass.  A lot of the parks in New York seem to have a statue or two.  Also most parks believe it or not have free wireless Internet.  Now this I found very interesting.  I actually took a picture of two guys in the park with each laptop open and working away.  Hey this is New York so why not.

After spending some time at the park we started our tour down W23rd Street.  As we walked we found store after store full of very good food and wine.  We visited some of these stores and found a huige selection of cheese, meats, produce and almost anything you can think of.  We continued our walk and noticed under ground parking signs advertising parking prices.  Get this, you can park for up to 1/2 hour for anywhere between $11-$13.  I found that it's better to park for either a complete hour or the whole day.  So really we have nothing to complain about in Winnipeg that’s for sure.

We came across the Hotel Chelsea, which is a well know and historic hotel.  Check out the picture I took of this, very nice.  We then continued down W23rd St. and I could not help but notice the incredible buildings and apartments along the way.  I took pictures here as well as it was very nice.  We then continued down and came across a series of art galleries.  All very interesting but we didn't got into any of them.  I did take a picture of one that showcased a motor cycle made of feathers.  You have to see that picture, very cool.

We then walked down the road to the Chelsea Market.   Now this is what I had been waiting for because this is the home of the Food Network.  Anyone that knows me will know I have always wanted to go to the Food Network and look around.  Problem is that I had looked into tours of the studio and they don’t offer that.  They did try at one time but because it is a working studio, it was just too hard.  So I can understand why but it still sucks.  I have for many years tried to get tickets to a live taping as well, but no luck.  They say they select by lottery but I really wonder.  Most of the shows I have seen when asked people say they are from the New York or New Jersey.  At times I have heard them from other parts of the US but never Canada.  I guess they are worried about the superiority of the Canadian cook.  J   So instead I got my picture taken with a sign beside the elevator that says Food Network 3rd floor.  I guess that is as close as I will get to the studio.  We then walked around the market and looked at all the different shops and stores, very cool.  We had lunch at this one place called Ronnybrook Mil Bar.  A very cool place and servers the most amazing sandwiches I have had in a long time.  Once we finished lunch we went over to a another store called Eleni’s New York and Heather finally got her Red Velvet Cup Cake, and I have to say it was very good.

Once we finished at Chelsea’s Market, we headed over to the subway and took it down the East side close to the United Nations buildings.  This week the most leaders and delegates from all around the World are coming to the United Nations.  US President Obama was also arriving this week to address the UN.  So you can imagine the level of security all around New York and we wanted to see it in action.  So you have to check out our picture at the UN.  We saw someone in a black car just getting ready to leave.  Boy I tell you the US secret service and New York police really made it look like something out of a movie.  One card must have had about 4-5 secret service men and they had one on each side of the SUV almost handing out looking around like they lost something, very cool.  So we walked right in-front of the UN but across the street and through all the security with no problems.  I even talked to one of the secret service men and of course he was very nice.  He asked where I was from and so I told him we were visiting from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.  Had a nice talk with him and he told me I picked a good day to come down.  Tomorrow President Obama will be at the UN and then I would not be as close as I am today.

So we continued down 1st Avenue to E42 Street and headed West to the famous Grand Central Station.  All I can say is WOW!!  This place sure lived up to everything you may have seen in a movie or on TV.  Everything was very nice and the place was just so big.  Check out those picture as well.  The station had so many tracks I lost count after a while.  The market on the lower level was really good as well.  Everything you can think of.  It was well worth the trip to look around.

Once we finished we took the M42 bus West to our apartment for a short break.  We were planning on meeting Wendy’s friends for dinner as they leave tomorrow.  It was nice to take a break with all the walking we had done.  We agreed to meet at TGI Friday’s on E42 Street close to Grand Central Station.  We had a great time at dinner .  We then walked a few blocks down to Time Square so we can go over to the M&M store.  It was not as big as the one in Vegas we went to but it still was very large with all kinds of things to look at.  Then we went across the street to the Hershey store and found a massive Reeses Peanut butter cup package, check the pictures for that one.  Only cost $15.00.  Then we head for home on the bus.

Another day of lots of walking and running around.  I am documenting where we went on our walk and will post a map showing the distances we have walked.  Of course as soon as I have time for that.

More later....