From my earliest adventures in drawing and painting, I have been attracted to texture, particularly to the variety of color and texture offered by the medium of fibre. In my work, I am interested in exploring and mastering technical elements and in finding expression for challenging subjects.

I am especially drawn to the things that usually go unnoticed by others.  I often tend to focus on extreme close up views rather than a panorama.  It is in the close ups that the colors and textures become extremely interesting.
My fascination with fabrics, threads, beads and collage compelled me to change my medium of expression from watercolor to fabric.  The pieces included in this web site are representative of my new direction in art. While they show a diversity of subject matter and skill in working with fabric, they also clearly show my watercolor influences.
The journey and learning curve was steep and demanding but today I am expressing subjects that I could only dream of as a painter.
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Lyn Barrett-Cowan
Available for Trunk Shows & Workshops:

Textures:              all day
Card Making:        2.5 hours    
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More about me...

I have been an artist all my life.  As a teenager I worked at an art school, where in lieu of payment, I received painting instruction.  After high school I graduated with honours from a three-year commercial art course at Central Technical School in Toronto.  

Over the years, I have raised two children on my own, worked in an office, have exhibited my watercolors in over twenty "One Person Shows"  and  have received many awards for my art. My creations exhibit great use of found fabrics that would otherwise end up in the dump.  With them I create greeting cards, unique neck pieces and purses. Now living in Kitchener, when I'm not in my studio I am exploring the city. 
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