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Civil Rights Resources

Noun 1.

Civil Rights movement - movement in the United States beginning in the 1960s and led primarily by Blacks in an effort to establish the civil rights of individual Black citizen

 ~How did civil rights activists advance the ideas of liberty, equality, and opportunity for African Americans?
~How did segregation affect American life in the postwar period?
General Civil Rights Resources
ACLU ~American Civil Liberties Union
Missississippi Burning Trials ~Text and audio information
Turbulent Times ~Thinkquest overview of Civil Rights
Reporting Civil Rights ~ reports and journalism during the movement
Images of The Civil Rights Movement ~ Reporter's unique images
Prints & Photos ~ Library of Congress Collection
Civil Rights Voices ~ Civil Rights Exhibits
The Civil Rights Movement ~ The History Channel
16th Street Baptist Church Bombings
We Shall Overcome ~ Historical Places in the Civil Rights Movement
16th Street Baptist Church ~ Birminham Historical Digital Collection
Greensboro Sit-ins
Launch of the Civil Rights Moment ~ Multimedia collection
Sit-in Movements ~ International Civil Rights Center & Museum
Little Rock Nine
Brown vs. Board of Education
Separate is Not Equal ~ Smithsonian Museum of American History
The Audio Case ~ History Channel: listen to the original decision
Supreme Court  & Brown vs. B of Ed.~ National Public Radio (NPR)
Timeline of Events ~ National Archives
Celebrating 50 Years! ~ US Dept. of State archives
Mongomery Bus Boycott
Freedom Rides
Freedom Rides Revised! ~NPR broadcast of the orginal 13 members
The March on Washington
March on Washington ~ NPR original voices on the March
Remembering the March ~ PBS 40th anniversary coverage
Watts Riots
The Murder of Emmett Till
The Murder of Emmett Till ~ PBS interactive
Remembering Emmett  Till ~ USA Today slide show
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Digital Library
Freedom Summer
Black Panther Party