CIMS, Remote Access + More

CIMS, useful links to our learning community and other useful helps that come our way that make sense to share will be located on this page.

How to on FHPS network:

Remote Access

Remote Access Instructions

Remote Access Tutorial Voice Thread


Wireless at FHPS


Acceptable Use Policy

How to Connect to Your Student Home Drive on a Mac

How to get your stuff off of your IPad 
Trying to work on your files on a school computer?  There are a couple of ways to get to your files.  You can 
  1. email the file to yourself
  2. save the file on your school home drive using the instructions above, or 
  3. you can use Drop Box.  Check out this set of instructions to use Drop Box.
From the Daring Librarian, some really useful tech tips now customized for our school: