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Getting to Know Google Forms & Templates

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With so much to prepare can you add one more thing to your to-do list?  One of my favorite things about technology is how it can serve us to save time and streamline our workflow.  Taking a little time to learn how technology tools can work for you can save you much time in the long run.  It can be fun too!

What sorts of activities are you planning to get acquainted with your class this year?  Will you be asking your students to assess their interests and learning style?  As you look at getting to know your students this year, you might like to add a "Getting to Know You" form to your classroom website.  Once you see how easy and fun it can be, you'll find all sorts of reasons to use the Forms feature in Google Apps. (Think automatically-graded assessments!)

To make this super easy, I've uploaded a "Getting to Know You" form template to our Google Template Gallery.  Templates are a very cool feature of Google Apps.   These template files are a virtual copy machine to build off of previous work.  You just copy the template to your directory and modify it as you'd like.

Included here are video and screen shot walk-throughs, use either or both to get a quick start to Google Forms, Templates, and a handy way to Get to Know Your Students!  Of course, feel free to contact me for any help!  When you are ready to learn more about Google Forms, check out the resources on the Google Forms page.

*thank you to Tom Barrett ICT in my Classroom - for sharing!
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Getting to Know Google Forms & Templates

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