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My mission as the music teacher to your children is to…Instruct students to become independent music makers through their rich experiences with music stemming from a diverse mix of cultures and/or historical periods. It is my hope that each student develops a deep appreciation and ability to discern what quality music is, so that the art of creating and making music will continue to play an important role throughout their entire life.

I began my music career as a Suzuki Violin Teacher for 4 through 12 year olds while also substitute teaching for the Calvin Christian, Grand Rapids Christian, and Forest Hills Schools. I was hired into Forest Hills as the Central High School Orchestra Director in 2006. I taught 6th grade orchestra at Goodwillie Environmental school during my time at the high school. I really enjoyed the younger grades and moved to Central Woodlands to teach 5th grade general music, 6th grade orchestra, and 6th grade choir. I was most excited when I heard that the position at Thornapple was opening up and jumped at the chance to add Thornapple to my teaching schedule!

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