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About Me

It is my second year teaching in the Forest Hills Public School district, this time located only at Forest Hills Central High School. We have both 1st and 2nd levels of ASL offered here and can't wait to add more!
I graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Education and an American Sign Language minor- the only one available in the state of Michigan. I am one of 7 kids in my family and am constantly staying busy...throughout the school I am involved with numerous activities, as well as events that happen in the downtown area of Grand Rapids.
Teaching ASL as a foreign language is an amazing opportunity to spread awareness of the Deaf culture and community. I believe each and every one of my students leaves the class with great experiences in ASL and in life. We work hard to create a tight-knit community inside the classroom where we work together to achieve a common goal- it is a great place to be.