B.Dieffenbach Intro Info

You should come prepared for a variety of activities every day.  This means that you should bring the items listed below to class every day.  You will not be allowed to return to your locker, and demerits for being unprepared will be issued on a regular basis.

Spiral notebook
Composition notebook
3-Ring Binder w/ lined paper
Pencils / Erasers / Pen (blue or black ink)
Colored Pencils
Glue Stick
Scissors (small is fine)
Sticky Notes - any size or color
Tech device (if you have one & is allowed by parent(s)
ACE Book / Reading book of your choice

** The class calendar is now located on sub-pages: 
 LA 8 or LA 8 Challenge. **

  - Mrs. Dieffenbach

Text Box

2" - 3-ring binder - with lined paper
Composition Notebook
Pencils / Blue & Black Pens
Colored Pencils
Small Scissors
Glue Stick
Tech Device (If allowed)

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