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Teaching and learning are symbiotic. A stagnant pond goes nowhere. A flow of ideas, questions, concerns and affirmation are necessary in order for growth to occur. I will encourage you to examine and develop yourself as a learner. As my students, you will challenge your own thinking on a variety of topics. Rather than developing a fear of controversy and confrontation, you will learn how to face head-on, peoples' sometimes unchangeable flaws. As young adults, I expect you to seek challenges, set goals and persist in the face of difficulty. You will delve into classic and contemporary works. I will also give you the opportunity to read, write, & act. This course is not about learning useless skills. You will learn applications for the course content as well as how to put the skills to good use.
              "act justly              
love mercy
behave humbly

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  "People demand freedom of speech, to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid." (Kierkegaard)