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Welcome to my Website! 
About Me...
 Hi, I'm Mr. McVicker. This is my thirteenth 
 year teaching at Forest Hills Eastern, and 
 I'm looking forward to a another great year 
 of learning! My goal is to use my love of 
 social studies to get my students more 
 curious about the world around them.

Mr. McVicker Fun Facts                                                                                
- 3rd Grade Spelling Bee Champion 
- Furthest away from the U.S.A. is Tokyo, Japan
- Favorite historical movie: Hero
- Graduate of Western Michigan University
- I own two dogs (Turbo and Walter), and a cat (Major).
Likes                                                  Dislikes
Chicago Bears Football                            Green Bay Packers
Ice Cream (to a fault)                                Cheese Cake
Video Games                                            Dabbing (unless you're sneezing)
Nerdy Stuff                                               Doing Laundry
Camping                                                  Pencil Tapping
Dyson Vacuum Cleaners                          Pet Hair
Fantasy Football                                      Stepping in water with socks on

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