Main Home Page for all of Mrs. Lipke's Math Classes

 Welcome to my website!  Here you will be able to access my class specific rules, contact information, hours of availability, homework policies, note packets and other worksheets for classes, AND a calendar of each chapter with homework problems, quizzes and tests listed.

Class Rules:

1.    Be respectful of everyone - you don't need to "like" everyone, but you have to be mature enough to work with all people

2.    Absolutely NO CELL PHONES at all in class...they will be confiscated and turned into the main office and can be picked up at the end of the school day.  Repeat offenders will lose their phone for an extended period of time.

3.   Be responsible - this includes being on time to class AND doing your work AND getting make-up work!


Grading Scale for all Math Classes:

    93% +
A-    90% - 92.9%
B+   87% - 89.9%
B     83% - 86.9%
B-    80% - 82.9%
C+   77% - 79.9%
C     73% - 76.9%
 C-   70% - 72.9%
D+   67% - 69.9%
D     63% - 66.9%
D-    60% - 62.9%
E     below 60%

Suggestions for Success in Math Class:

1.    Do your homework every night.
2.    Correct your homework each day and 
        ask questions.
3.    Get extra help outside of class if you 
        are really struggling.

*  I only teach hours 1-3, so I am only available for extra help each morning at 7:15. You are welcome any morning!!!