6 Survivor's Guide

Since 2005

Couple of things to know about how things operate in Room 112...

Only Rule: Do nothing to hinder teaching or learning.

Respect.  Respect others, their opinions, their beliefs, their values, their feelings and their space.

Use the chain of command.

Always leave a place better than the way you found it.

Know that in life you don't deserve anything, you have to earn what you want.

Give every day your best shot.

I will remember the ones with class, character and a strong work ethic...A's, B's and C's are only letters in the alphabet to me.

Learn to communicate your ideas effectively through speech and writing.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Know this: I have never written a detention, do not be the first to receive that dubious honor.

When we walk into 112 it is a community where everyone is treated fairly by everyone.

Keep your cell phones away (unless told otherwise) or you'll end up a hash mark on my cabinet.

Stay in your seat until you are excused.  The bell lets me know instructional time is over.

Do not complain about the seating assignments unless you want to sit there all semester.

First time happenstance, second time coincidence, third time enemy activity.

You can eat and drink in 112 so long as it is cleaned up afterward.

Count on no weekend homework...As long as you work hard during the week.