Some changes to the teacher assignments, periods a course is offered, etc. WILL OCCUR over the summer. For a fairly small number of students, the spring version of their schedule MAY NOT match your August version. Students are encouraged to login to ClassChoice each time they are afforded the opportunity.

ClassChoice is an add-on for PowerSchool. It allows students more freedom to make changes to their schedule in live time and see all their options at any moment.

A couple reminders:

  • Please be mindful of graduation requirements before making any changes – there is a tool in ClassChoice that is under construction and may not be accurate, compare that to Graduation Progress in PowerSchool.
  • Place your cursor over the course number to see the other hours a particular course is offered.
  • Only courses that you are able to enroll in will appear. Courses that are full will not appear.
  • **Be very careful when dropping a class as other students will be online at the same time looking for classes. If they choose the class that was just dropped by you and the class is full, it will no longer be available to you once you have dropped it. **
  • **Do not close out the session until all hours are filled. **
  • The counselors do not have access to overload courses. If a student does not see an available seat, the counselors will not either.

After students have been given the opportunity to make changes in Class Choice and it closes in in preparation , counselors will only change schedules for the following reasons:

  • There is a missing graduation requirement or an open hour in a student's schedule
  • The course change is medically necessary
  • The course change is a level change due to class failure or missing graduation requirement
  • Teacher suggested academic misplacement

A few helpful tips:

  • For best results, use a computer, not a mobile device.
  • If something is not working, technically, the way it should, try a different browser. Google Chrome works well.
  • Write out a plan before adjusting your schedule…including what your schedule is before you change anything.
  • Drop the course you want to change by adding a “placeholder” course (use a common elective, not an AP or music course) – because the computer wants you to have a full schedule.
  • Then start by adding the course you dropped back in its new place.
  • Repeat this process until you have all your changes.
  • A course code followed by a B, indicates the second semester of a yearlong course (ex. B210B, indicates the second semester of English 10).

Changes counselors must process:

We recognize that ClassChoice does have some limits, so counselors will process certain requests during this time.

Remember, the counselors do not have access to overload courses. If a student does not see an available seat, the counselors will not either.

If you wish to change/drop one of the following courses, please use the Google form below to request it, as these may only be processed by a counselor:

  • Band, orchestra, or choir
  • An AP course
  • Online course
  • Teacher Cadet, Work Experience, Co-Op, and Dual Enrollment
  • Core area level change (ex. moving from Chemistry 215 to Chemistry 210)
  • Students with an IEP must request changes by emailing their case manager and counselor

All other changes (ex. teacher preference, hour change, different lunch, etc) must be made by the student through ClassChoice.

Login to ClassChoice:

If you have a request that a counselor must process, please visit Please note, these requests will take some time to process - thank you for your patience.