Forest Hills Central High School 5901 Hall St. Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Welcome to the Forest Hills Central High School Auditorium website.  

Please adhere to the following procedures to secure your event date:

Step One: Contact Robbin DeMeester the Co-Auditorium Manager (at to check auditorium availability. 

Step Two: Once Robbin has confirmed your date with you, please fill out a FHPS Building Use Form to secure your event date.

Step Three: Submit your Building Use Form to Robbin (via Inner District mail).
Building Use Form link at bottom of this page.  

Feel free to use this site (scroll way down this page to see calendar) to check for available dates in the auditorium prior to contacting Robbin to book it, just because a date looks free, does not necessarily mean it is available to book. There are often many rehearsals or re-scheduling of events that are received last minute, which is why it is imperative that Robbin be your first point of contact prior to filling out the B.U.form. 

We will schedule events on a first come-first served basis after we receive
BOTH your request AND your Building Use Form.
Thanks for helping us schedule, staff and run FHC Aud events
in a timely and professional manner. We look forward to serving you!


Forest Hills Central High School Auditorium