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  What's happening this week  
 Mar 9 - Mar 13
Half day 13rh dismiss at 11:55

Math:  We are completing our unit on operations with decimals. We will be working on division of decimals and percentages this week with our final test Friday.  Next week, we begin our algebra unit. 

ACCESS TO CMP book online go to https://ps.fhps.net/public/home.html
Log in with student username and password
Go to the listing on the left side and click on "Pearson"
Then go to the right side and click on "realize"
This takes you to the webpage where Browse will give you access to the student book and classroom will give you access to assignments. 

LA: We are beginning persuasive writing. We will be using the same process as was used for the research paper. This should be concluded before Spring break 

Science: Atom model project is Tuesday Mar 10th with the unit test Mar 11 

Here are the requirements for the Atom model.  Students will be graded on…

  1. Nucleus with the number of protons and neutrons accurately displayed

  2. At least 2 shells in the structure

  3. Electrons and protons/neutrons must show size difference but not to scale.

  4. The grader must be able to easily see a difference between neutrons, protons and electrons (color, shape or material along with size)

  5. A tag listing the name, symbol,atomic weight, atomic number, and electronegativity of the element must be attached.

Think of things you can use in your home to construct this- ping-pong balls, tennis balls, play-do, or paper taped in balls, rubber band balls, etc.  Think of things you can use to connect them- straws, toothpicks, cut wire from a wire hanger…

Chinese: We are into our first unit Pinyin where we will have a better understanding of the sounding/spelling system in Chinese that will help students learn in all aspects - speaking, listening, reading and writing/typing.