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    Welcome to the Year of the Dog.  It could be ruff

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   What's happening this week   January 15-19

Math:  We are working on Let's Be Rational which is operations with decimals.  We have reviewed addition and subtraction and are currently working on multiplication.  We will work on division of fractions next week with a test next Friday, January 26th.  

LA:  We are completing  our unit on the Argumentative Paragraph.  Students have finished a draft which has been edited by me.  Their final draft is due Thursday.  We will begin a short unit on reading through January 26th 

Science: We are in our unit on matter. We have finished our atomic structure section and students should start working on the 3-D models due January 23rd. The project requirements are on google classroom. We will now focus on physical and chemical properties  and change.   .