Calvin aide - Miss. Hoatlin

Bricks for Kids Fun

2nd Grade!
2017 - 2018 

Calvin Students working with our class.

Our Classroom Pledge

2016 - 2017 Class

Abraham Lincoln visits 
for President's Day

Calvin Students visiting our classroom.

Forest Hills Goodwillie Environmental School Trip

How To Make Cinnamon Rolls writing.

It is going to be an exciting year of learning and growing!  


It's going to be a great learning year!

Learning about Bees from 9 year old Susan

Forest Hills Students learn about bees.

Goodwillie Field Trip

Watching our 3 hermit crabs explore.

Field Trip Pictures below:

Meijer Garden

Meadow Brook Elementary 
Mrs. DeBoer's Class
    3rd Grade 2014 - 2015

group pictures


3rd Graders with Mrs. VanSweeden & Mrs. DeBoer
2013 - 2014 class

3rd Graders with Miss. Prins & Mrs. DeBoer
2013 - 2014 3rd grade class

2013 - 2014 3rd grade class