April 15 2020  Let the Fun Begin
**This is how we will proceed for the remainder of the year.  I will post 2 or 3 project options on Mondays, 
with a 3rd option if needed on Wednesday.  It Does not matter which class you are in, you may pick any of the 2 or 3 options.  I will make the project choices varied. Ceramics and Sculpture obviously will be tougher.  But I will try to have one of the options a 3-D option
**My expectation is that AT LEAST 1 project is completed each week (2 would be better).  
Projects will be posted on  As well as here on the website
Artsonia is where you will turn in artwork, receive feedback and an online gallery will be built of student 
artwork.  Have your parents check their email if they haven't already given you permission for the Artsonia 
Use the school access code when prompted.
School Access Code

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Please Always scroll down to see projects and videos

Due Dates-  You need to turn in at least 1 project a week.  It will be due every Wednesday.

No Zoom this week.  Any questions please email me.

Wednesday May 27, 2020  Project 12  Due Thursday June 4th  
This is the last Project!!!
Depending on what you turn in, your Art this week may count for 2 projects (based on originality, difficulty and time spent. Or if you do 2 projects) 
I will be giving you several options to choose from.  Have Fun

Project #12 Choice #1
Toy Photography: 

Toy Photography

This is similar to what Digital Imaging & Photography did with the Forced Perspective project.  
Same concepts of Forced Perspective

Project #12 Choice #2
Animal in Glasses Drawing
Have fun with this.  You may use the drawing or painting medium of your choice.

Project #12 Choice #3
Cardboard House
Make a Beautiful House from Cardboard - simple DIY - YouTubeHow to Build a Simple Cardboard House for a School Project - YouTube    Nederland House   Amazing Witch House CreativeMom | Witch house, Fairy house diy ...
The more detailed the better it will look.  Be creative and have fun.
remember the appropriate way to use an exacto knife or box cutter.

How to Videos below: 

Long video but really shows all the detail that van be put into your house.

Short and simple video

If you are really feeling ambitious...
❣DIY Mushroom House Using Cardboard❣ - YouTube

Project #12 Choice #4

Hot Glue Painting 

(if you can get a LOW TEMP glue gun, it's nice not to burn yourself)

Otherwise, be careful don't touch the metal careful of dripping glue.
Also you don't have to do a tree.  It does lend itself well with the texture created by the glue.  You will want to choose a subject that has a lot of texture. 

Glue Gun Art: Step by Step Process - YouTubeAcrylic And Glue Abstract Sunset Painting by Julia RIETZ

Arts & Entertainment - Wisconsin Rapids City Times  Pin on Glue gun crafts

Tutorials Below:  Some say to use Gesso to paint over the glue and to fill in areas.  You may also just use white Acrylic paint.

Hot Glue Gun Art with Blackbeard - YouTube


You can get a simular effect with this method. 

DIY: Hot Glue and Sharpie Art by {MadeByFate} #52 - YouTube

DIY: Hot Glue and Sharpie Art by {MadeByFate} #52 - YouTube


Project #12 Choice #5
Famous Painting Recreation
I am sure you have seen this challenge across the internet.  It originated with a challenge by the Getty Museum.  Go for it.

People are recreating famous paintings at home during coronavirus ...      People Stuck at Home are Recreating Famous Paintings and It's ...

Isolation Art Challenge Has People Recreating Paintings in Their Homes  People Across the Globe Take on the 'Museum Challenge' and ...

Wednesday May 19th, 2020  Project 11  Due Wednesday May 27th

By popular demand this week's project will be a free choice project.  It should show thought, creativity and effort.  This is also a good week to catch up if you haven't turned in assignments.  3 weeks to go!!!
If you need an idea you may scroll through my website on any of the classes.

Wednesday May 13th, 2020  Project 10  Due Wednesday May 20th

Project #10 
Photography: Light Refraction
Upload 4 Photos to Artsonia

Light Refraction Photos

Experiment with Light Refraction in your Photos.  You will need a glass or glasses and water.  Try different shaped glasses
Looking at different angles is key to this project.

My Video:


Monday May 11th, 2020  Project 9  Due Wednesday May 20th

Project #9 
Pizza Box Relief Sculpture
Upload to Artsonia
I found a great demo video on this project.  Watch this 1st, then watch mine.
Your subject is pretty wide open.  One idea is to create the place and or thing you would most like to do it you could.  Something you really love doing.

Please watch this youtube video:

Please watch my videos:



Monday May the 4th be with you, 2020  Project 8 Due Wednesday May 13th
Project #8 
Positive and Negative Space Shadow Tracings

Some of my best memories as a child are outside. I had the privilege of growing…  Lesley Oldaker  Abstract exploration of the negative and positive space and surface textures of the shadow of a plant on canvas.  oil on canvas  45x45cm  Commissioned painting The background (negative space) is just as important as the subject (positive  space). The negative space is extremely interesting by using collage ... Art for Kids: Tracing Shadows Visual Arts - DRAWING - Negative Space by MrsTFox Resources | TpT  African Sunset Shadow Tracing Art - Taming Little Monsters 

A good video From Virtual Instructor about Positive and Negative Space.

Project Video #8

Positive and Negative Space


Monday April 27, 2020  Projects 6 and 7 Due Wednesday May 6th
Project #7 
Spring Has Sprung Photo Series
Go outside!!!  It's nice out.
My Project #7 video:
Spring Photo Series 5 photos representing spring
  • Macro Photography: Making small items appear large.  Flowers and insects are typical subjects.  
  • Your subject must fill the frame.  
  • Your subject should be focused and the background is blurry.  This is called Depth of Field.  
  • ***Rather than Artsonia on this one you will create a folder in your Drive.  Title the folder Spring has Sprung.  Share that folder with me.  Make sure when you share it click the button on send email.***  
Turn your photos in by Wednesday May 6 
Video How to create a folder and turn in Photos:

My 5 Photos that I took in the video.  I cropped them and increased the color on a basic computer photo editor.  You could do these same things with your phone. One of these could have been used as a Backlighting (glowing edges) Photo.


These are some other photos that I have taken using the Macro (zooming tight) and/or depth of field technique.  They also use the Rule of Thirds as do most of my photos.  Using the  Rule of Thirds makes for a good strong composition.

***Remember this when you are taking your photos for this assignment or if you are just taking photos.***

My video about Rule of Thirds:


This is a great site for learning more about the rule of thirds
Project #6 
2 Point Perspective: Interior Corner
Since we have all been spending more time at home, draw any room in your house. 
My Project #6 video:
Turn your drawing into Artsonia by Wednesday May 6 

The above Youtube links show you how to draw a room using 2 point perspective. 

Terms and Pointers:  
  • The 1st line made is considered the HORIZON LINE.  This is you EYE LINE.  
  • If you don't have a triangle, use the end of your ruler along the edge of the paper to make sure lines are perfectly vertical or HORIZONTAL orVERTICAL. 
  • There are VANISHING POINTS at the end of each line.
  • ALL lines are either VERTICAL or go to one of the VANISHING POINTS.
  • Remember to draw lightly at first so you can erase unwanted lines

Image result for 2 point perspective room drawingsImage result for 2 point perspective room drawingsImage result for 2 point perspective room drawings
Project #5   Wednesday April 22, 2020
2nd week Moglia Video Above (Wednseday)

2nd week Moglia Video Above (Monday)
Turn in 1 photo in each of the 3 Techniques (silhouette, translucent, glowing edges) 
Due Wednesday 4/29/20 

Backlighting:  The subject is lit from behind. 

A sunrise or sunset with trees in silhouette is backlighting.

A very thin leaf that you can see the light through is translucent backlighting.

An object where you can just see the light coming from the edge would be backlighting creating glowing edges.

Image result for silhouette backlighting photographyImage result for backlighting translucent photographyImage result for silhouette glowing edge backlighting photography

                                      Silhouette                                              Translucent                                     Glowing Edges (Illuminated silhouette

I took a series of sunrise photos this morning 4/22/20.  I put 3 of them together and used one of them as a background in Photoshop.  You do not have to do something like this.  I was just having fun.

More examples in the slide show.  The last few sunrises have been perfect for this.  Although, I know sunsets will be easier to get.   This can be challenging but you can get some really cool results.

If the sun is not cooperating you can use a lamp or a flashlight


BACK LIGHTING enrichment

Project #4 Monday April 20, 2020 (Due April 29) 
A tribute to Doctors, Nurses, Orderlies, and all hospital workers. 
The Eyes Behind the Mask
These are the nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic     This system is doomed': Doctors, nurses sound off in NBC News ...
As a tribute to those on the front lines in hospitals.
Your assignment is to draw a pair of eyes with a surgical mask on.
For this project all you really need is a pencil an eraser and a ruler.  
I have done one in pencil and one with Photoshop (above using multiple photos, layers and effects).  
I imagined what it would be like to deal with working in a hospital during the Pandemic.  
I am representing the fatigue both physical and emotional.  If you have some kind of Photoshop type program, you could use that as well.  I really want everyone to try to draw the eyes though.
If you would like to also do a digital one here is a link to some options other than Photoshop.

Below is the link to my drawing demo.

Mine is 10 min. long and I did not complete the drawing in the video.  Here are links to what I think are better tutorials.  

Drawing eyes YouTube tutorials  Good measuring techniques to get eyes equal. Just video, no verbal steps.  More o a beginner video  Good video but just one eye.  Really good detailed realistic pair of eyes.  23 min.


Project #3  
Being that these are such strange and bizarre times, I

thought I would start with a Surrealist prompt. One way

to describe Surrealism is the irrational juxtaposition of


Image result for surrealism defined Image result for surrealism defined Image result for juxtaposition art

A website to help explain Surrealism and where it came from.

Follow the instructions on the document below.

Drawing Prompt One

Birthday Juxtaposition Surrealism Drawing/Painting/Photo or any other
medium you want to use.  This was actually the 1st prompt I posted when we were first 
told to stay home.  It is really meant as a drawing prompt but you may use whatever medium
you like to create your artwork.
Project #2
Found Object Color Wheel: Create a color wheel with whatever you can find around the house.
The Crayon Lab: Found Object Color Wheel  Megan Doing Art: Household Object Color Wheel   I could have them make a color wheel out of found objects (I ... 
This is fun to do. If you are in Photography you can get creative with how you photo your color wheel.  If you are in Ceramics and Sculpture try to make yours sculptural.  Draw Paint Print, Maybe add some drawing into your color wheel.  Click on the link for info about the Color 

Project #1
  Welcome back and Project #1 which was anything that I shared for you to do a couple of weeks ago.


Below this line are projects posted before school 2.0 started.  
I may use some of them in the future.  Then again I may not.

Please, please email me some of your artwork!!!  I am having student artwork withdrawals.  I have only had a few kids send me stuff.  

Social Distancing Edition: week 3
For this week:  Scroll down for information and examples of each.  Please email me results.  I will create a new page of Social Distancing Artwork.
  • Found Object Color Wheels or Patterns
  • Caption this:  When...
  • Paint with Coffee
  • Photography with mirrors

********Free Alternatives to Photoshop********

Found Object Color Wheel: Create a color wheel with whatever you can find around the house.
The Crayon Lab: Found Object Color Wheel  Megan Doing Art: Household Object Color Wheel   I could have them make a color wheel out of found objects (I ... Or

Or try creating patterns like this artist does with everyday items.

Things Organized Neatly by Adam Hillman                    Meticulous Pattern Arrangement by Adam Hillman

These paintings seem to fit for these past couple of weeks.  
Email me the a caption for whichever painting you want and I will post them here.  
Caption this: 
Lets have some art history fun.  Please copy the painting and create a caption for it.  When...

American Realism in the 1st half of the 20th century.
Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables | Whitney Museum of ...     Four Lane Road: 1956 by Edward Hopper (Private Collection ...     Andrew Wyeth. Christina's World. 1948 | MoMAAmerican Gothic by Grant Wood 1930           Four Lane Road by Edward Hopper 1956                  Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth 1948


Roy Lichtenstein's Nurse | Christie's   100 Cans, 1962 - Andy Warhol   Keith Haring - Dancing Figures Flash Animation | Keith haring art ...
                Nurse by Roy Lichtenstein 1964                       100 Cans by Andy Warhol 1962        Untitled (Dancing Figures) by Keith Haring                         

Some other Artsy Ideas for you

Paint with coffee:  Example gives great use of value (lights and darks)  as well as foreground, middle ground and background.
Learn How to Paint with Coffee Brisbane | Events | ClassBento      Coffee Painting Class for Beginners (Part 1) - Yes, you can paint ...      Hawaii Sunset - original coffee painting by Georgeta Blanaru ...      Easy Coffee Painting for the Absolute Beginner - Art by Ro   

Use mirrors.  You can do some pretty cool stuff with mirrors.  Inside or outside.  Some examples. 
100+ Creative Photography IdeasPhotographer Sebastian Magnani Takes Pictures Of Beautiful ...Titus steals mirrors, takes them to his castle, and then breaks ...Sunsets Viewed Through A Shattered Mirror In Gorgeous Photography ...Mirror Reflection Photography By Lotta 4
And in no way am I telling you to go break a mirror for this project.

Social Distancing Edition: week 2

I'm just going to post ideas to this page for all classes.  Pick anything, just keep creating. If you want to see what other classes did last week go to those pages on the left menu.

Check this link out.  One of my famous artist ancestors.

3/23/20 Ideas:
Some other links and ideas for you:
  1. Art Contests: submit your art for cash prizes

  2. Museums: take a virtual field trip to museums around the world and even stream Operas on your TV

  3. Art Games: compete against yourself and others

  4. Digital Art: create art on your device

  5. Art Education: learn about art

  6. Art at Home: Art tutorials and prompts for you to create where you are 

Art Contests


Art Games

Digital Art

Art Education 

Art at Home

The Really Great Outdoors

Google Arts & Culture: Virtual Museums

Quick, Draw! 

Just a Line

Interactive Color Wheel 

How to Draw / Free Daily LIVE webcasts 

Doodle for Google

Online Tours: The Louvre 

Mondrian Squares Challenge 

Mandala Creator 

Color Theory 

Illustration Drawing 

No Limits Foundation 

The Museum of the World



KQED Art School 

Daily LIVE art activities

Science without Borders

Guggenheim Online Collection 


Digital Sand Art 


Tate at Home

Impact of Conflict

Museum of Natural History


Create Comics


Cassie Stephens

Sustainable Shipping 

Salvador Dali Museum 


Picasso Head

The Caves of Lascaux 

Make an Art Studio 

State Fish Art Contest

Air Force Museum 


Matisse Drawing Room

METKids Time Machine 

Drawing at home prompts 

Guadalupe Mountains

Nightly Met Opera Streams

Street Art 

Patterns of Infinity 

National Gallery of Art Interactives

Youth Art Month Creative Sprint

National Fossil Day 

Digital Concert Hall

Art Puzzle

Haring Coloring Book

Destination Modern Art

Watercolor Tutorials

Ocean Awareness

Moma Learning

Hieronymus Bosch Invaders 


Tate Kids

Bullet Journaling 

Embracing Our Difference

Museum of Web Art

Queensland Art Games


Art Quizzes

Procreate Tutorials 

100 Silly Drawing Prompts


  1. Draw a llama surfing.
  2. Draw a fish swimming in something other than water.
  3. Combine two animals to create a new one.
  4. Draw a shark eating a cupcake.
  5. Draw a crab at a birthday party.
  6. Draw a seahorse in a blizzard.
  7. Draw a dinosaur crying.
  8. Draw an animal with arms for legs and legs for arms.
  9. Draw a pug on a treadmill.
  10. Draw a horse throwing a horseshoe.
  11. Draw a shark waterskiing.
  12. Draw a walrus in a beach chair.
  13. Draw a circus elephant standing on a ball.
  14. Draw a koala bear sitting on a trash can.
  15. Draw a lizard putting on lipstick.
  16. Draw a squirrel roasting a marshmallow.
  17. Draw an octopus with spoons for legs.
  18. Draw a mouse riding a motorcycle.
  19. Draw a flamingo doing ballet.
  20. Draw a butterfly eating a steak
  21. Draw a cat chasing a dog.
  22. Draw a lobster dancing.
  23. Draw a cat playing a sport.
  24. Draw a chicken skydiving.


  1. Draw a piece of fruit in outer space.
  2. Draw a Pop Tart lifting weights.
  3. Draw a loaf of bread at a disco.
  4. Draw a rainstorm of sprinkles.
  5. Draw french fries on a rollercoaster.
  6. Draw a food eating another food.
  7. Draw a walking taco.
  8. Draw chicken wings flying.
  9. Draw a banana slipping on banana peels.
  10. Draw a cookie with googly eyes instead of chocolate chips.
  11. Draw a pineapple rollerblading.
  12. Draw a piece of asparagus snowboarding.
  13. Draw an annoying orange.
  14. Draw a donut riding a skateboard.
  15. Draw a turkey leg eating a turkey sandwich.
  16. Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress.
  17. Draw a banana in pajamas.
  18. Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation.
  19. Draw an apple talking to your art teacher.
  20. Draw a hot dog flying.
  21. Draw a lemon making orange juice.
  22. Draw an ice cream cone eating a Popsicle.
  23. Draw a garden of lollipops.


  "The Art Room smells like freedom... and acrylic paint."                 -Kaylyn Smith-8th grade

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.                                     -Albert Einstein

Schedule: 1st semester

  • 1st hr.    Draw Paint Print
  • 2nd hr.  Photo-Digital Imaging
  • 3rd hr.  Ceramics and Sculpture
  • 3B.         ACE:  Reading-homework-etc
  • 4th hr.  Planning
  • 5th hr.  Yearbook 
  • 6th hr.   Photo-Digital Imaging 
 The best way to contact me is through email,


Moglia's Five:

  1. Critical Thinking: Make you think, problem solve and be creative.
  2. Have Pride in Your Work: Give 100%
  3. Visual Awareness: See surroundings with an artist’s eye.
  4. Increase Abilities: Whatever skill you are coming in with, you should leave with more skill or confidance or appreciating of and in your own art
  5. Have Fun, Work Hard, Be Respectful


  • I set the parameters (rubric).   Students do the “BEST” work  they possibly can.

  • I will do all I can to help them achieve their “BEST” work.

  • I then will base my grade on their effort and if they met the criteria of the project Effort:  

  • There is a difference between a little talking while working and a little working while talking.

    •  If work is not turned in I will put in a ZERO.  When the work comes in I will change the grade for full credit.*
    • *Unless this is a habit and the reason is not working in class

  • Grading:
    5 points a day.  Every Friday this will go in as a "Weekly Grade" worth 25 points.  This is mainly an effort and cooperation grade. 
    Projects are worth anywhere from 10 to 100 points depending on the length and difficulty of the project. 

Other Information:

  • Most work is done in class. Except for Yearbook and Photography.  However if a student is falling behind they may need to come in and work before or after school, or during lunch.  If that is the case they need to make arrangements with me.

  • Some work will go on display so it might not come home for a while.  Most work will be handed back once it is graded.


Family: My wife and three children


"To be successful, Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
- Pablo Picasso


"When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work. I told her I worked at the college — that my job was to teach people how to draw.
She stared back at me, incredulous, and said, "You mean they forget?"


How important are the visual arts in our society? "I feel strongly that
the visual arts are of vast and incalculable importance. Of course I
could be prejudiced. I am a visual art." -Kermit the Frog, muppet


And if that's not enough: SAT scores of students who studied arts for more than four years were 59 points higher on the verbal portion and 44 points higher on the math portion than were the scores of students with no course work or experience in the arts.

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This web page was created in 1999 for my Masters Program at MSU.  Here you will find info about myself, art education, art projects, and educational technology (although from 1999). 



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  • Art Teacher- Central Middle School, Ada MI (1998-Present)

How to Draw a Pair of Realistic Eyes | RapidFireArt         eyes pencil drawing