Welcome to Srta Bonino's Class Page

Updates and Announcements:
  • We will have a C-house field trip to the Frederick Meijer Gardens on Friday, December 14.  This field trip will allow our students to connect with other kids in C house as well as learn about how winter holidays are celebrated around the world.  Most permission slips have been turned in and students have been notified if they still need to return their slips.
  • The School Spelling Bee qualifying test will be on December 18.  The top 25 students will have the chance to participate in  front of the school to represent us in the Grand Rapids Spelling Bee later this school year.
  • With snowy weather, we ask families help their children come to school prepared.  All students are asked to have arms and legs covered outside and if they are planning on walking through the snow, they need boots.  Students who would like to play in the snow must wear snow pants for recess.  I appreciate you making sure your child is ready for snow weather recess!
  • Junior Great books sign up forms went home today in Friday Folders.  This is an optional small group reading program for students to participate in during their lunch period once a week.  Sign ups are due by December 20, for more information check out Friday Folders.
Classroom Happenings:

Math: We will wrap up our third math unit on fraction concepts, addition, and subtraction with an assessment at the end of the week.  This week we will be reviewing our concepts in class and with a study guide.

Spanish Language Arts: We will spend the first half of the year diving deep into parts of speech.  We will look at verbs and how to properly conjugate them into the present tense.

Science:  We will continue looking at the Web of Life: Ecosystems and the Food Web.  Specifically this week we will look at producers, consumers and decomposers.

Social Studies:  We will be participating in the preliminary round of the school wide Geography Bee this week.  Students will have the opportunity to answer National Geography questions about the world, geography, and culture in class.  

English Language Arts: We will wrap up taking a deeper look at personal narratives this week.  We are completing writing a 3 paragraph personal narrative incorporating plot elements, show don't tell, dialogue, and interesting leads. 

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