Welcome to Srta Bonino's Class Page

Updates and Announcements:
  • We will have visitors coming from Ada Vista next week!  Every year our 5th graders are tour guides and host current 4th graders as they visit the school for lunch and a tour of the building.  4th graders will be coming on Wednesday, May 22 and we are excited to show them around the building.
  • Our end of the year celebration will be coming up!  To celebrate our year the entire school will be going to the KROC center for Splash Bash.  The kids will have a chance to go swimming, down a huge slip and slide, and play outside games.  For this fun filled morning we ask that students come to school wearing this swimsuit underneath their school clothes.  Please also send your child with a towel, and shoes that they can run around in.  Permission slips went home in Friday folders last week.  Please note that no money is being collected for this trip as the school will be using money families paid for our canceled tubing trip this winter to cover the cost of Splash Bash.
Classroom Happenings:

Math: We are in our last unit of the year!  Unit 7 will focus on work with mixed numbers, geometry, and interpreting graphs.  Specifically this week we will be looking at analyzing tables to help us interpret graphs.

Spanish Language Arts: We will continue reading the Spanish book, El Timo.  While reading we will be utilizing fiction Spanish reading strategies to better understand the plot of a book in a second language.

Science:  We will continue our unit on Earth Systems by focusing on the hydrosphere this week.  

Social Studies:  We continue looking at the events that led to the American Revolution this week.  Specifically we will be looking at the Stamp Act as well as the Intolerable acts.  

English Language Arts: We will wrap up our unit on Persuasive reading and writing.  Our argumentative papers will be due at the beginning of the week.

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