Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Frenchs Forest

Our Parish is made up of three vibrant communities:

Each of our special communities is centred on a different church and has its own story to tell. 
Together, as a parish, we are united in 'Sharing One Faith in Christ’.

This year (2017) we celebrate our Parish's Year of Friendship.
This special year will give us an  an opportunity to nourish and build on all the important relationships in our lives. For example, there’s our Friendship with God’s creation – the natural environment in which we live. What sort of friend are we here? Can we do better? Then there’s our Friendship with family - the most important people in our lives. How good are our relationships with those closest to us – our partners, children and extended family members? There’s our Friendship with the parish community. Are we making a meaningful contribution to the life of our parish? Do we reach out to others? This question can be extended to include our Friendship with our wider circle of friends – not only our pals, but also our neighbours, workmates, schoolmates and others we regularly come into contact with. 

Here at Frenchs Forest Parish we offer many opportunities for personal growth, spiritual enrichment and social interaction. 

If you’re a visitor or new to our parish, we extend a very warm welcome to you. If you have any questions, please chat with me or with Fr Michael, Fr Joy or Deacon Peter, or browse our website.

We want you to feel at home with us. - Fr Jose


Pastoral Letter to the Laity, Religious and Clergy of the Diocese of Broken Bay from Bishop Peter

Calendar for
2017 Year of Friendship in French's Forest
  • 11 Nov 9.00 am - LANDCARE WORKING BEE  St Anthony’s


  • 19 Nov 6.00 pm - Youth Christmas party St Martin’s
  • 20 Nov  7.30 pm -St Anthony’s community meeting , St Anthony’s Kitchen
  • 22 Nov7.00pm - Advent Reflection Evening, St Anthony’s
  • November 24-26 – Combined Youth Retreat
  • 26 Nov feast of Christ the king - Year of Friendship ends
  •  29 Nov  7.00 pm choir practice OLGC
  • December 3 Sunday – First Sunday of Advent – Beginning of Year of Youth 
  • December 2nd Saturday – Parish Christmas Carols – OLGC Outdoor Mass and celebration
  • December 25 Monday – Christmas Day

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