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Intro Keyboarding


  • Students will learn the basic typing position and practice key stoking, spacing and return.
  • Students will learn to operate the home row letter keys and the basic service keys by touch.

The Typing Position- Technique and Posture:

  • Eye on the copy
  • Fingers curved and upright
  • wrists low
  • Forearms slanted with the keyboard
  • Feet on the floor

The Home Row:

  • Have students place their fingers in the home row position.
  • Position fingers of the left hand on asdf (pinkie finger on key "a" ring finger on "s" middle finger on "d" and pointer on "f") Thumb rests on the space bar.
  • Position fingers of the right hand on jkl; (pointer finger on key "j", middle finger on "k", ring finger on "l", and pinkie finger on ";") Thumb rests on space bar.
  • Remember: fingers should be curved, relaxed, and upright. Thumbs should be placed on the space bar.

Special Keys:

  • Enter- return (pinkie finger) to reach
  • Shift- 2 of these buttons (pinkie finger) to reach
  • Caps Lock
  • Tab
  • Backspace