Festus Intermediate School

Welcome, Fourth Grade Families! 

Social Studies Games: 

Historical Maps
Discovering Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark Trail
History For Kids
Black History
Nation Archives Document of the Day
National Geographic
National Geographic Xpeditions
US Capital Games
Identify the State Game
US Mint
Presidents of the US
Preamble Scramble
Bill Of Rights Game
School House Rock Constitution Video
The Presidents' First Ladies
American Presidents
National Constitution Center
Uncle Sam's Closet- Amendment Game
Uncle Sam's Closet- Amendment Game
Uncle Sam's Closet- Amendment Game
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Name Converter
Eye Witness History
Timelines: Who, What, Where
Student Discovery & Adventure
World History
Kids Numbers- Games
Send an E- Postcard to A Soldier
Build a Flag
Inventors BrainPop Junior
Museum in a Box Creator
Map Skills Games
Westward Trail Game
Nat Geo Map Skills Game
Missouri Symbols for Kids
Awesome America- Missouri
Interactive Missouri Map
Lewis and Clark Go West Game
Lewis and Clark Adventure Game

Educational Apps: 

Addroit -Math Practice App
Bilingual Kids- Learn a Different Language App
Bo's Bedtime -Reading Comprehension APP
Math Evolve- Math Arcade App
Phonics App
Math Critters - Math Arcade App
Simplex - Spelling App
Sight Word - Hangman App
Story Box -Reading Comprehension App
Meet the Orchestra - Musical App
Speech with Milo -Preposition App
Word Wizard -Spelling App
The Rescue -Brain Challenge App
Math Ninja - Math App
Wildable -Nature App
Jumbline -Anagram App
Doodlecast for Kids- Art App
Fat Cat - Reading App
Bugs and Buttons -Pattern App
My Play Home -Interactive Playhouse App
Pop Math -Math App
Wurdle- Word Game App
Touch Physics Lite -Science App
Bookworm- Word App
Interactive Alphabet -Letter Recognition App
Geocaching Treasure Hunt- Coordinates App
WeetWoo- Safe Video Browsing for Kids App
Sums Stacker -Math App
Apps for Dyslexia
Apps for Struggling Readers

Keyboarding Links:

ABC ya!
Interactive Typing Games
Krazy for Keyboarding
Power Typing
Good Typing
Lee Summit Keyboarding Links
Keyboarding Monster
Dance Mat Typing
Alpha Attack!
Keyboarding Lessons
Typing Adventure/ Agent
Finger Frenzy Alphabet Challenge
Finger Frenzy Part II
Keyboarding Jeopardy
Typing Bubbles
Keyboarding Jeopardy Rematch
Only Typing Games Arcade
Hyper Spider Typer Game
Dino Trash Typing Game
Typing Web
Why Homerow Video
Learning to Type More Efficiently

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Mrs. Steighorst and her husband, Blair, and daughters Hadley and Aubrey Jean. 
Welcome to our class website! This is my eighth year at Festus Intermediate School.  I hope you enjoy the fourth grade as much as I do! 

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Our very own Pixie was Little Miss Festus in the annual Twin City Christmas Parade! It was so neat seeing so many students participate in the parade this year! Send your pictures to Mrs. Steighorst to be featured! 

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Check out our class being featured on the Festus Facebook Page! 

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If you do not know what bus you ride, click below to see the district's bus routes.  
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Veteran's Day Assembly 11/10 @1:00
Thanksgiving Break 11/22-11/24

ELA Games: 

AAA Spelling Games

Diamante Poems

Writing Process
Spelling City
Harcourt Spelling Game
Grammar Practice Park
Works Cited
Fun Brain- Grammar
Fun Brain- Plurals
Fun Brain- Verbs
Read Write Think
Bare Bones Guide to Reading
Power Proof Reading
Harcourt Punctuation Game
Kids Poetry
Storyline Online
Into The Book
Awesome Analogies
Little Foxy's Activity Center
Clifford's Road to Reading
iBoard Phonics
Literacy Devices
ESL Listening Lab
Interactive Vocabulary ESL
Flash Games ESL
Vocabulary Hangman
Scholastic Magic School Bus
Dr. Suessville
PBS Kids Arthur
Hans Wilhelm Books
Bookworm Word Game
Acrostic Poem Generator
Merriam Webster Dictionary Word Central
Capitalization Fairy
Comma Chameleon
Fishing for Nouns
Verbs In Space
Capitalization Quiz
Main Idea Song
Find the Main Idea
Main Idea Practice
Main Idea Quiz
Figurative Language Games
Figurative Language Practice
Figurative Language BrainPop
Newspaper Article Generator
Paint by Idioms
Similes Practice
Main Idea Brain Pop Video
Booky's World
Scholastic's Computer Lab Favorites
Spell Words with Alphabetimals
Fact vs. Opinion Quia Game
Fact vs. Opinion
5 Parts to a Friendly Letter
Friendly Letter Generator
Find the Mistakes in the Friendly Letter Quia
Types of Sentences
Types of Sentences Quia Quiz
Grammar Clubhouse- Sentences
Sequencing Quia
PBS Story Scramble- Sequencing
Parts of a Book
Study Zone-Parts of a Book
Synonym and Antonyms
Synonym and Antonym Activity
Author's Purpose
Study Zone- Author's Purpose
Study Zone- Making Predictions
Study Zone- Making Inferences
What Can You Infer? Quia
Making Inferences Activity
Root Word Dictionary
Fun Brain- Rooting of Words
Flip the Chip Root and Affixes
Affixes, Prefixes and Suffixes
Study Zone- Problem and Solution
Study Zone- Drawing Conclusions
Sensory Details Activity
Figurative Language Rap
Making Inferences Mystery
Making Inferences- Dear Mr. Blueberry
Study Zone Test Prep- Making Inferences
4th Grade Spelling Book Online Lists
Nouns Review Game
Arthur's Fact or Opinion Game
Types of Sentences Park Game
Types of Sentences Sea Game
Fact vs Opinion Battleship Game
Write a Friendly Letter
Whack a Verb Game
Balloon Pop Verb Game
Verb and Grammar Game Library
Main Idea Hamburger Game
Super Simile Spin
Predictions Game- Digger the Dog
Similie & Metaphor Fling the Teacher
Author's Purpose Hoop Shoot
Author's Purpose Jeopardy Game
Author's Purpose Battleship
Cause and Effect Matching Game
Problem and Solution Memory
Zed's Capitalization Tool Shed
Context Clues Millionaire
PBS Story Scramble Sequencing
ABC Ya Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonym and Antonym Jeopardy
Word Frog Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones
You Pick Synonym and Antonym Game Arcade
Verb Viper
Verb Wheel Irregular Verbs
Helping Verbs Battleship
Linking Verb Jeopardy
Verb Sort
Verb Tenses Lily Pad
Eats, Shoots and Leaves Commas Game
Figures of Speech Baseball
Problem and Solution Millionaire
Draw Conclusion Detective
Poetry Jeopardy
Text Features Quia Game
Types of Sentences Jeopardy
Verb Review Jeopardy Mixed Skill
Main Idea Review Jeopardy
Flippy the Fish Cause and Effect Game
Cause and Effect Jeopardy