Solo/Ensemble/Honor Choir Information

Festus Middle School

Voice Recital

Sunday, April 9th, 2017 - 2:00 PM

Darcy Baldonado – Accompanist


            Thank you for joining us at today’s recital.  Please turn all electronic devices on silent so that you don’t disturb the music our students are creating.  If you must move or leave please do so in between performances so that our singers have the best chance possible to succeed.  Thank you for supporting our program and enjoy the performance.  Feel free to stay afterwards and enjoy some refreshments and celebrate our music.

Riley Gross                           

Ashley Spindler               

Cayden Glaze                   

Trinity O’Leary                  

Jillian Obermeyer             

Allie Geisner                         

Emma Horsley                    

Grant Otto                           

Abby Skiles                           

Grant Flotron                     

Katie Herren                                    

Jeanna Brantley                  

Noah Bernat                                   

Sophia Basler                       

Ryan Esparza                             

Abby Ohlau                                                  

Men’s Ensemble                 

Women’s Ensemble    Agnus Dei       


Women’s Ensemble      A Red, Red Rose