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Mr. Armbruster's U.S. History Class

Title: United States History I                                                   

Course Description:  US History I is a study of the colonization of the North American continent.  We will begin our study with the “1st Americans” and end the year with the assassination of President Lincoln and the passing of the 13th Amendment.


 Required Textbook/Materials: 

  • McDougal Littell’s American History: Beginnings through Reconstruction
  • Binder (can be shared with other classes)
  • Planner
  • Notebook paper
  • Writing Utensil
  • Highlighter 

Course Learning Outcomes:

 Upon completion of this course, students will have been introduced to how the North American continent was developed through the 1860’s.  Students will follow the Missouri Social Studies Grade Level Expectations (MOGLE’s) as mandated by the Festus R-6 school district.

 Grading Method:

 Students will accumulate points throughout the year by working on various assignments, quizzes, and tests.

·         All exams will be given as a common assessment with Mr. Krysl’s class.

·         Participation will be graded through the Bell Ringer format.

·         Students will be given a study guide for each of the 4 unit tests.

 Course Content:          

  • Unit 1 – Beginnings-1781
  • Unit 2 – 1781-1812
  • Unit 3 – 1800-1844
  • Unit 4 – 1824-1860


·    When a student is absent, they will have the day’s time missed to make up any work.  Late Assignments will be accepted up until the final week of the quarter that it is assigned.  Deductions will be as follows:

·     LAT1 10%- LATE- 1-7 DAYS

·    LAT2 20%- LATE 8-14 DAYS


·    E-mail:  armbrusterwesley@festusedu.com 

·    Phone #: 636-937-5417 

·    Classroom webpage:  https://sites.google.com/a/festusedu.com/mr-armbruster/


·    Mr. Armbruster’s plan period is from 10:11-10:58 on M, T, R, &F.  On Wednesday it is 12:20-12:58pm.  E-mail is the best way to contact me.  Please do not attempt to catch me after the 2:25 bell because I will be on my way to practice Monday-Friday.


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