Bell Ringers

First Quarter:

Week 8

M- Define Revolution in your own words.
T- List events we've discussed that have started to upset the colonist.
W- Taxes: Good, Bad, or Ugly? Explain your stance.
T- You've started your 4 year plan for high does that make you feel?

Week 6/7

M- What caused the British and French rivalry in America?
T- First test is Friday. How does that make you feel?
W- Summarize your cannon building experience. What did you learn? What would you do different? Was it fun?
T- How do you feel about the battle today? How do you expect it to go?

Week 5

M- Tell me everything you know about 9/11.
T- Reflect on the COD. What are your thoughts?
W- List as many of the 13 colonies as you can.
T- Reflect on the 'gutsy goal.' Do you think it is an attainable goal? What kind of things need to happen?
F- What are you plans for the weekend?