Bell Ringers

Week 7

What does the Confederate Flag mean to you? What does it represent?

What is your initial reaction to the Nixa School Article?

Explain your stance headed into the Circle of Death.

Map testing is does that feel?

Q4 Week 5/6

Summarize your loooooong weekend.

Who made the public more aware of the slavery issue: Douglass, Scott, or Turner? Explain why you feel that way.

How much time did you spend studying for the test?

Why was the Civil War fought?

Did the Confederate States of America have the right to secede? Explain your stance.

Q4 Week 4

What comes to mind when you hear slavery?

What do you know about the Confederate States of America?

Do you think there is value in reading Frederick's book?

What kind of emotions/thoughts did you experience while reading the slave narratives?

What two groups were wrecked due to Manifest Destiny?