Britt Henningsen, English/ Language Arts
My name is Britt Henningsen, and I teach AP Literature and Composition, ELA Honors 2,  and ACT Prep  for the 2017-18  school year. I have been teaching English at Festus High School for 15 of my 26 years of experience. I am excited to have your student in my class, and I love teaching literature, writing, and writing about literature!

If you need to contact me, the best way to reach me day or night is through my school email. I check it often during school hours and occasionally during my hours at home. I advocate communication between my students and me as well as between parents and me, so please contact me with questions, comments, and concerns. My school email is

I use Remind to text students reminders about homework and assignment information. ELA 2 Honors may hear from me very regularly, but  AP Lit and Comp will from me only occasionally if the schedule has changed or a paper is going to be due. I encourage students and their parents to sign up and receive the messages. In that manner, parents can support and monitor their students when their involvement can be most useful: before any problems occur that affect student learning and grades. To sign up, you simply text a number with the code that corresponds to the class period for the class in the message box. You can also sign up to receive messages as emails rather than texts. 
These are the Remind codes for 2017-18;  I have updated them for the beginning of this coming school year.
1st Hour AP Lit and Comp 81010          Message: @82bd8
2nd Hour AP Lit and Comp  81010          Message: @82bd8b
3rd Hour AP Lit and Comp   81010          Message: @82bd8b9
5th Hour Class of 2018 Advisory  81010     Message: @677ea    
6th Hour   ACT Prep  81010          Message: @82bd8b9cf 
7th Hour ELA Honors 2  81010        Message: @82bd8b9c
8th Hour ELA Honors 2  81010          Message: @82bd8b9cf8