How to Build a Healthy Breakfast

                                      FESTUS FOOD SERVICE:

Helping Students Make Healthy Food Choices


Research shows that students who eat HEALTHY, REGULAR meals perform their best academically.

  • Greater gains in standardized test scores

  • Improvements in math, reading, and vocabulary scores

  • Less trips to the school nurse and less absenteeism


Festus Food Service follows USDA guidelines in the planning, purchasing and preparation of all meals.


Students are provided balanced meals each day in age-appropriate serving sizes that meet federal nutrition requirements, while
limiting fat and saturated fat.  Meals include the fruits, dairy, vegetables, protein and grains that children need to achieve and
maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.


What’s for Breakfast?

A Festus breakfast includes four food choices for students that together comprise a complete breakfast. 


  1.  Entrée:  Choose one(1)

                Examples include the following:

                Cereal and yogurt

                Cereal and Graham crackers

                Cinnamon Roll

                Breakfast Sandwich

                Biscuit, egg, cheese and sausage


                Scrambled eggs & toast

  2. Fruit or Vegetable:  choose up to Two (2)

Examples include:

4 oz. of 100% juice

½ cup of fresh fruit or vegetable

3.  Milk:  choose one(1)

Examples include the following:

1% white, skim white, chocolate,

Vanilla, cookies and cream or

Strawberry milk


Breakfast is served before school and may be purchased for$1.15 for K-3rd grade and $1.20

for grades 4 -12. 

Reduced breakfast is $.20 per day.


Grab n Go Breakfast is available daily for grades K – 8 and can be taken to your childs first hour class.  A

second chance breakfast is available for grades 9-12.  After 1st hour students may purchase breakfast to

 be taken to their 2nd hour class.


Festus Foodservice is a self-operated, self-funded program.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.