How to Build a Healthy Lunch



Helping Students Make Healthy Food Choices


What’s for Lunch?

Festus school lunch includes all five food groups.  Elementary students

 have many choices when selecting their complete meal:


  1.  Entrée(Meat/Meat alternate & Grain):

    Choose one(1)

                Examples include the following:

                Daily entrée special



                Deli sandwich 

                Salad Bar Meal

  2. Grain:  choose one      (1)

    Examples include the following:

    Whole grain biscuit, whole grain

    Breadstick, brown rice,

    Whole grain pasta

  3. Vegetables:  choose up to two(2)

    Examples include the following:

    Fresh vegetables

    Hot vegetable of the day

    Tossed salad

       4.  Fruit:  Choose one(1) grades K– 8.

             Choose up to two(2) fruit or juice 9th -12th grade. 

                       Examples include the following:

                     Canned, fresh or frozen fruit selection

       5.  Milk:  choose one(1)
                    Examples include the following: 
                    1% white, skim white, chocolate, 

                    Vanilla, cookies and cream or

                    Strawberry milk


Students must choose at least 3 items including a fruit or vegetable to receive a complete lunch.

A complete lunch may be purchased for $2.30.

Festus Foodservice is a self-operated, self-funded program.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.