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Current Newletter

Speech & Theater Club Info

Dues are $5 (Payable at September/October Meetings)


Meeting Dates (3rd Tuesday of the Month after School in Room 219)

September 1st

September 20th 

October 18th

November 15th 

December 20th (Holiday Party/Open House)


Speech News:

Information after Sept 1st Club Meeting

All interested members should come and join us. (1st Meet Oct 18th)

No Audition Necessary!       


Theater News


            SEPTEMBER 14th & 15th You Can't Take it With You

                            19 Member Cast


Play Dates:  You Can't Take it With You: November 10th-12th

                    South Pacific: March 9th-11th

                    Our Town: May 4th-6th



Fox Field Trip(s)



Officer Speeches/Voting

Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Pres, & President

Offices Open to all 2015-2016 returning Members

Voting at the Sept 20th Meeting