Computer Applications II

Course Rationale:
There has been a dramatic demand to improve computer literacy of high school students as computers are now playing an increasingly important role in any technology, science, and engineering curriculum.  This course has been developed for students with no previous Microsoft software experience as well as for those already familiar with main ideas in software applications.  The Microsoft software (Microsoft Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, and Access 2010) utilized in Computer Applications II picks up where Computer Applications I left off by providing students with advanced principles.  This area of instruction provides content for knowledge and skills required in the technology-based workplace. The demand will continue to expand for students prepared with knowledge of and skills in word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentations, and telecommunications. This training is vital for students planning to enter the workforce or continue training for a career in business.   

Course Description and Objectives:

Computer Applications II provides students the advanced skills to create documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.  Computer Applications II is an advanced course in computers and information processing.  Areas covered include computer terminology, ethical issues regarding the use of computers and software, Internet literacy, and the systems development cycle.


Upon completion of this course, students will understand how to:

  • Apply input methods of a computer
  • Execute advanced computer operations
  • Construct business documents using advanced spreadsheet applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Construct business documents using database applications (e.g., Microsoft Access)
  • Construct business documents using advanced word processing applications (e.g., Microsoft Word, Google Docs)
  • Construct business documents using advanced presentation applications (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides)
  • Develop a project-oriented approach that allows learning by doing

Computer Applications II at Festus High School is articulated with Jefferson College.  This means that if you receive an 80% or higher for each semester and have satisfactory conduct for both Computer Applications I and Computer Applications II, you will automatically receive three credit hours in “Microcomputer Software Applications” (CIS 133).  You must enroll in an Associate of Applied Science program or a Career and Technical Education Certificate program at Jefferson College within 24 months of graduation from Festus High School in order to be awarded this college credit.  Current information is available at

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