7th grade FACS

*What the students will learn…

This course will consist of sewing, career writing, and an introduction to foods and nutrition.  The student will learn basic sewing construction skills, experience construction of a  simple project, threading the sewing machine, sewing on a button, and the correct use of the iron. 

In the career writing portion of the class, the students will learn how to fill out and understand the purpose of a job application and interview. 

In the foods and nutrition portion of the class, the students will learn basic measurements, safety in the foods lab, and prepare simple recipes.   

This class is important because:

1.    * Knowledge and skill of sewing construction techniques enable students to sew for themselves and their home.  It also gives them a sense of accomplishment which can be gained from turning a piece of fabric from a flat pattern to a three dimensional finished product.  

2.     *Teenager’s lives, as well as the economy, are in constant motion and change.  Students need to be trained on how to start their future properly and also be guided in the right direction to become successful and knowledgeable citizens.

3.     *In today’s fast paced world, the knowledge of food preparation and nutrition is a matter of survival.  Not only do students need to understand basic nutrition, they also need to be able to apply those principles to their lives.  Adolescence is an important time to establish these skills.

 If anyone has extra fabric or sewing supplies, donations are always welcome!!  Please stay in touch and contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  Thank you for your support!


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