Welcome to Festus Middle School Technology!

My name is Mrs. DeBolt. I teach 7th and 8th grade Technology. I have a Bachelor's degree from Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) in Cape Girardeau, MO. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Secondary Social Studies Education degree. I worked one year at Mascoutah High School in Illinois as an instructional technology aid. Then I moved to Jefferson City, MO to be a high school social studies teacher there. I taught psychology, sociology, and American history. Then in 2008, I began working in this position. I graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a Master's degree for Instructional Technology Leadership. It has been very fun because we get to work differently than  in many other classes and have lots of laughs in here. I like that technology is always changing and so are my lessons!

I became Mrs. DeBolt in 2009 when I married my husband Chris. We live in Affton which is often shocking to my students since it's a bit of a driveWe have two dogs named Gabby and Izzy. They don't get as much attention anymore since we have been blessed with three children! My daughter McKenna quite a character! She is five now and she is so much fun! My twin boys, Abram and Cooper, just turned three and they are definitely double trouble! I love my home family and we are very close. I'm excited to invite more students into my school family and I always call them "my kids!"

Some important focus tasks with Missouri Learning Standards:

  • students are expected to type multiple pages at a single sitting
    • We work to improve keyboarding accuracy and speed through weekly practice on Typing Web and one minute Typing Tests used to also track data.
  • students are expected to take online assessments
    • We already take all quizzes/tests online!
  • students are expected to research using the internet
    • We only use online sources when researching in this class!
    • We discuss reliable sources and ease of publishing online!
  • students are expected to use technology tpublish and share and collaborate
    • We use several programs and online tools throughout the courses.
  • students are expected to use a variety of media in communicating their ideas
    • We use several programs and online tools throughout the courses.
  • students are expected to use glossaries and dictionaries, both print and digital
    • We learn to find answers efficiently online.