First, Brainstorm for words or ideas that remind you of 9/11. Use the bubble web.  

Next, watch this 5 minute video from the History Channel that gives the rundown of the events of the day.  It shows some of the powerful images I saw and shares some first hand experiences.

Next, This link gives a very detailed run down of the timeline for 9/11.  It allows students to explore on their own.  They can look at pictures, listen to testimony, watch clips.  I have created a timeline to go with the bigger events of the day.  It's page two of the attachment.    

Next, This 2.5 minute video clip talks about the plan to build a museum and we get to hear the builder explain the reasons for his ideas.  

Next, This 2 minute clip from ABC news goes into the museum before it opened to the public:

Finally, this is the link to the virtual tour of the museum now that it is open.  It follows a middle school girl as she explores the different parts of the museum.  https://www.911memorial.org/interactive-museum-experience
Tim Krysl,
Sep 7, 2016, 11:31 AM