Promethean - Making Classrooms ACTIV!

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 Dualing Pens    
-Press F4 in ActivInspire to activate both pens
-The longer GRAY pen, is the "teacher" pen and is used with the toolbar on the right side of the board
-The shorter ORANGE pen is the "student" pen and used with the shorter toolbar that pops up on the left
Tools and Tips

Great ideas, short video snipits for using ActivInspire in the classroom! It is always changing, so be sure to check back!
Personal File Space in Promethean Planet
UPLOAD Flipcharts and STORE them in your own Personal File Space (1Gig)
 Activ Arena Demo Pack 

1. Install the Demo Pack
2. Open ActivInspire and press F4 to turn on the Dual Pens
3. Open one of the games in the pack to play
 Digiflip -  
create an ActivInspire flipchart that contains a set of images taken directly from your digital camera or any other accessible storage device, such as a USB Flash drive or a folder on your hard disk (eg ‘My Pictures’).  

 JigFlip - Use any picture to create a jigsaw puzzle in your Flipchart!