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Welcome to the new Bunk Room!
We're excited about finally be able to provide a low-cost option for visitors of Fertile Ground. Bunks are only $30 but the space has all the same careful attention to detail that you've come to expect from Fertile Ground. With organic cotton sheets and firm new mattresses, you won't need to downgrade your expectations when you choose this clean and stylish space. This small room has three twin size beds and a bathroom nearby in the hallway. You'll have access to a kitchen, too. 
Over the last two years, we've been collaborating with our neighbors, the South Sound chapter of the NW EcoBuilding Guild, to bring new form and function to our neighborhood. We've erased the property lines and now a garden is all that lies between us and the Eco-House. The Bunk Room has two windows that look out onto the garden and Fertile Ground Guesthouse beyond. So while you won't be in the same house with our other guests, we will still welcome you and nurture you like you were. You can arrange to have breakfast with our other guests for an additional $10.
Because you could be sharing a room with someone you just met, we've set up rules for the Bunk Room so everyone can share space comfortably. Not interested in sharing a room? You can pay just $90 and have the whole bunk room to yourself if it's not already booked. 

Bunk Room Policies

1. Respect - Respect yourself, respect housemates and staff, respect nature, respect the animals who are around you.

2. Conservation of Resources - please turn off water and electricity when not needed. Use the recycle and compost bins. Make as little garbage as possible.

3. Safety - be mindful of your words and actions ~ how they affect the safety (and feelings of safety) of those around you. No threatening words or actions will be tolerated. If you ever feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way during your stay here, let a staff person know.

4. Organization & Tidiness - please use the drawers and closets provided for you to store your things. Leave the bathroom better than you found it each time.

5. No drugs or alcohol - we should never see any illegal drugs or alcohol in the bunk room. If you imbibe responsibly while outdoors, do so with great subtlety and respect for those around you.

6. Hours of Availability - use of the whole Eco-House by Bunkers is limited. Between 9am to 4pm, bunkers need to allow for cleaning and other business by yielding to other pedestrian traffic. Bunk room guests are welcome to stay quietly in the Bunk Room. Some evenings, the EcoHouse is used by community groups, so pleas avoid the common rooms and kitchen during their times. A
fter 10pm, move quietly inside and outside to respect those who are sleeping. It’s okay to stay up later but do so without disturbing others.  

7. Work Space Autonomous Zone - Bunkers should not interrupt or disturb people who are in the house working, unless absolutely necessary. Questions and concerns will be directed to the Bunk Room Manager.

8. Kitchen and Bathroom Use - The kitchen is not available for use between 10am - 4pm.  The bathroom will be available for use from 10am - 4pm, but not for bathing or showering. Everyone is expected to immediately clean up after him / herself in the bathroom and kitchen.

9. Garden Use - Enjoy the garden, pick what’s ripe but leave enough for others.

10. Bunkers can stay up to two weeks. Inquire about weekly rates in person.

Bunk One is the single bed by itself
Bunk Two is the trundle bed at floor level
Bunk Three is up a ladder to the top bunk