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Applied Physics Letters - "Must-read findings on Terahertz Devices"

The journal 'Applied Physics Letters' has recently showcased a "must-read" selection of papers chosen by their associate editor Alessandro Tredicucci, an expert in Terahertz devices.  A paper by ESR Daniele Palaferii et al, from Universite Paris Diderot, has been included in this list. This paper presents the first antenna-coupled microcavity detector in the THz range and shows the improved photon coupling in terms of enhanced responsivity and detectivity of a quantum well photodetector.

Training Course - The Collaborative and Effective Researcher

posted 13 Oct 2015, 03:43 by Jennifer King   [ updated 13 Oct 2015, 03:56 ]

The Notedev Fellows attended a workshop in Durham, UK in November 2014.  This workshop was run by Hutchinson Training in conjunction with the award-winning Centre for Academic and Researcher Development, CARD, at Durham University.

The training course was enhanced by the multidisciplinary and multinational attendance from several Initial Training Networks - NanoEmbrace, Molesco, Fluor21 and MICSED.  Approximately 50 researchers attended from institutions across Europe, spanning from Iceland to St Petersburg.

The conference took place in the historic hotel, Lumley Castle.

Notedev Fellows also spent a day learning about industrial and commercial aspects of technology with a visit to the Centre for Process Innovation, at NetPark followed by a series of lectures.

For a report on the training course click on this link -  The Effective Researcher



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